Stuck in a rut? Outdoor pergolas offer far more than shelter for a meager patio table and chair set. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to achieve your dream outdoor living space design.


Open Up to the Possibilities…

  • Fire in the Sky
    Easily add a second story or rooftop deck to your home or business with a lightweight and versatile Arcadia aluminum pergola. An unmatched solution for any airborne endeavor, create prime square footage above existing space, topped off with the flare of an outdoor gas or electric fireplace for stunning looks and added warmth.
  • Earthy Outdoor Room
    Blend into the mountains or surroundings with a green, earthy brown, or faux wood wrapped adjustable pergola, creating a ‘Zen’ space and relaxing in Mother Nature in comfort and style. Go green with natural fabrics and plant life, or mix things up with more modern additions like an outdoor flat screen and fully-equipped bar or kitchenette.
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  • Peaceful & Private
    Block out the neighbors’ view or provide patrons privacy and added noise and sunlight protection with the addition of motorized screens and curtains. Further the secluded feel with strategically selected and placed plants and shrubbery.
  • Redefine Lounging Poolside
    Add a comfy swing or convertible couch, colorful slings, or top-of-the-line lounging fare, indulging in a post-swim read. Partition off areas, adding an outdoor shower and defining space with tall plants in raised containers, or gain added privacy with motorized screens and curtains.
  • Rooftop Kitchen with a View
    Add outdoor dining and bar space, turning unused rooftop square footage into profit. Pick your motif, creating sophisticated vibe with an added fireplace and decorative lighting, or more fun fare, surrounding the space in outdoor televisions, ping pong tables, and other game day fare.
    Separate larger areas with planters and seasonal flowers, or more fully define the space with motorized screens and curtains for privacy and party rental space.
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  • Pergola Pizza Parlor
    Add a wood-fired pizza oven surrounded by bar-style seating, and you’re in-business.
  • Share the Sandbox
    From a fun place for the kids to entertain themselves, to a unique poolside or restaurant bar-side retreat, adjustable aluminum pergolas can be added anywhere, floor to ceiling, sand to cement.


What’s your outdoor living dream? Achieve it with the latest in outdoor pergola technology. Let your imagination run wild, realizing your dream design with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.




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