A low-cost way to add usable square footage to any space, the trend toward extending functional home and business space outdoors isn’t slowing down. Leaving the standard porch rocker and plastic patio set by the wayside, today’s outdoor furnishings are rising to the occasion, outfitting outdoor living spaces nationwide with the comfort of indoor furnishings wrapped in a weather-friendly package. What are the most popular outdoor living features finding their way into American landscapes in 2018?

Seating that Looks & Feels Like it Belongs in the Living Room

Comfortable, attractive, and ergonomic furniture is one of the most necessary features of a functional outdoor living space. With advances in construction and upholstering technology, crumbling wicker, hot metals, and other backside-busting materials are a thing of the past. Today’s outdoor furniture boasts clean lines and a comfortable, cushy construction rivaling that of the living room sofa.

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Bold, Flashy Fabrics
Let’s face it, to outshine the sun, outdoor fabric choices have to be likewise bold and bright. This has homeowners and designers looking to colors that offer contrast to natural landscaping and sky views, such as teal, purple, and magenta. Too much for your design sensibilities? Make your mark with patterns instead, turning to navy, charcoal and brown neutrals festooned with contrasting patterns and prints, blending stripes and geometric shapes for visual interest.
Stylish, Foot-Friendly Flooring
The best outdoor spaces are designed to be the ‘shoe-free’ zones. To that end, smooth, foot-friendly flooring is gaining momentum in the marketplace over traditional wood decking. Here design is mimicking indoor trends as well, including striped and checkerboard patterned flooring adorned with outdoor rugs.

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Multifunctional Adjustable Pergolas
Because it can sometimes be difficult to find time in your schedule to spend outdoors when the weather is cooperating, today’s outdoor living enthusiasts are turning to a more functional shelter design to make the most of coveted outdoor time: Adjustable aluminum pergola. Providing sun, shade, or shelter at the touch of a button, the aluminum louvers of adjustable pergolas open and close, allowing for full sun access, varying levels of shade, and leak-free rain protection. And that’s not where the benefits end. Custom louvered pergolas require little to no annual maintenance compared to traditional wooden and fabric fare, making them an increasingly popular addition to modern outdoor living designs.
Inviting Fireplace Features
Warm and inviting, fireplace features add a homey appeal to outdoor spaces, pulling people into the outdoors. With options for every budget, from traditional fireplace fare to picture-like hanging models and economical fire tables, expect fire features to become a backyard staple in the coming years.


Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Boring, traditional ceiling fan fare is being replaced with modern fan designs. If you haven’t perused this product in a while, a simple Google of ‘modern fans’ may leave your jaw hanging wide.


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