This article was originally published on Oct 17, 2017 and has been updated on Jan 2, 2024

With the right patio shelter addition, you could enjoy your outdoor living space year-round – even in winter. How can you extend the season and ensure comfort despite the winter chill? A pergola that opens and closes lets you live outdoors in the winter, enjoying a cozy outdoor experience when equipped with the right features.

Tips for Ensuring Outdoor Comfort in Cold Weather

Don’t give up on spending time on your deck or patio just because the days are shorter and cooler. Create a space that functions, even in freezing temperatures:

  • Light the way
    Patio roof systems without lighting won’t see much use on shorter winter days. Pergolas with built-in, dimmable LED lighting provide day and nighttime use, offering the perfect ambiance. Additional solar path lighting and spotlights ensure trouble-free travel to and from your home.


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  • Turn up the (patio) heat
    Create a warm, inviting atmosphere by incorporating a combination of heat sources with your aluminum pergola. Infrared patio heaters emit directional, radiant heat, like the sun’s rays, providing efficient outdoor warmth. Pair with the enticing glow of a gas fire feature, such as a fire pit, fire table, or tabletop fireplace.
  • Let the sunshine in
    Open your pergola roof, adjust louvers up to 170 degrees to take advantage of the sun’s infrared warmth on bright winter days, dialing in the perfect angle to control glare and prevent sunburns. Integrate weather sensing technology for automatic response to changing conditions.
  • Say no to snow
    Sealing out rain and snow is easy with structural pergola systems from StruXure Denver. Our adjustable pergolas are built to handle heavy snow loads with louvers fully closed, channeling snowmelt away to keep your furnishings cozy and dry.
  • Screen for bad weather
    Motorized screens and curtains enhance comfort control, reducing winds and excluding rain and snow. Roll them out and away as needed with the click of a remote-control button or swipe of your phone using the Somfy MyLink StruXure Outdoor app.
  • Boost warmth with creature comforts
    Leave cold metal and plastic furniture by the wayside in favor of plush, upholstered furnishings that contain warmth. Pair with outdoor pillows, throw blankets, and rugs in your favorite seasonal prints.


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  • Take the plunge
    For those who prefer water to fire features, hot tubs provide year-round enjoyment but are especially welcoming in winter’s chill.

Don’t Hide Indoors in the Winter

Venture out beneath the comfort of your well-outfitted pergola. Enjoy your patio year-round with a bioclimatic pergola decked out with the perfect creature comforts for a cozy experience. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to schedule a design consultation today.


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