When was the last time your patio or pergola got a little cleaning TLC? As with everything else you own, your outdoor living space also needs a little attention from time to time. Keeping things clean makes time spent outdoors a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. And accomplished on a beautiful, breezy day, the experience can be much less of a chore.


How Often Should I Clean Outdoor Furnishings?

Experts recommend cleaning outdoor gear seasonally to keep mildew and insects away, as well as to ensure its longevity.


Keep Things In-Shape with these Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips

Whether you’re cleaning things up in preparation for storage – or it’s just been a while – ensure a successful cleaning adventure with these tips for caring for outdoor living products…

  • Wood
    Hardwood furniture, decking, and wooden pergola structures typically require annual sanding and the re-application of protective finishes to maintain wood against weather, pests and keep it looking its best. Have a collection of wicker or painted wood furniture? Cleaning with mild oil-based soaps is best.
  • Plastic
    Commercial multipurpose cleaners are often too harsh for plastic furnishings, discoloring and breaking down resins. A bit of dishwashing detergent in warm water will typically do the trick. For mildew and stuck-on dirt, substitute a small amount of automatic dishwasher detergent or a bit of baking soda, rinsing well to avoid residues.
  • Glass
    With glass surfaces, make your first pass with a soft cloth or sponge and a solution of dish washing detergent. Rinse, then finish with a vinegar or glass cleaning solution applied with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free shine.
  • Cushions
    The DIY Network offers this advice for cushion and outdoor fabric cleaning: Mix 1-tsp dish washing detergent, 1-tbps borax and 1-quart warm water. Saturate sponge and apply to cushions. Let sit 15 minutes, then remove with high-force hose nozzle. Keep a bottle of 50/50 diluted vinegar on-hand afterward to spray mesh and plastic surfaces to inhibit mold/mildew growth.
  • Unknown Materials
    For all those ‘cute’ impulse buys of unknown origin, check tags for material designations and cleaning instructions. When in-doubt, start mild with soap and water solutions, and always test an inconspicuous area before continuing.


Looking for Outdoor Fare that Involves a Little Less Maintenance?

Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas perform double-duty, with 170-degrees of pivoting flexibility to keep you and your outdoor furnishings protected from wear-and-tear suffered by Colorado’s brutal sun, rain and snow. Designed for minimal maintenance, premium Akzo Nobel powder coated finish keeps maintenance minimal. Surfaces will not rot, rust, corrode or house insects.  Whether driven by remote control or iLouver smart-device operation, American-made CE and UL certified motors are maintenance-free for the life of the product, built to withstand the harshest conditions for a hassle-free outdoor experience.


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