While sitting by your family room fireplace can be welcoming, let’s face it, it does set the cabin fever in motion with everyone clamoring for the same space. Now you can enjoy your outdoor living space with the perfect pair: a Denver Pergola with adjustable louvers and an outdoor fire pit. Among today’s most requested outdoor features, incorporating heat from outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and patio heaters, combined with the stylishly flexible overhead cover of Denver Pergolas, can give you and your family the opportunity to experience your backyard in a whole new way.

The perfect invitation to linger…

Snow, rain, sun, or wind, weather is less relevant with a Denver Pergola. Get the most out of every outdoor moment with Denver Pergolas’ ingeniously designed, easily adjustable louvered roof system. Paired with a source of outdoor warmth, you’ll never suffer from cabin fever again.

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A dynamic duo

The aluminum construction of Denver Pergolas make it an ideal companion for any outdoor heat source:

  • Fireplaces/Fire Pits
    Outdoor wood or gas fireplaces, where allowed, can be more enjoyable than indoors because the smoke easily dissipates and there isn’t as much of a concern with fire danger out on a concrete patio. Open the louvers to see the stars, or close them to retain more heat within the space. Whether reading, dining, or enjoying cocktails with friends, now your patio can be a functional space even while it’s snowing.
  • Patio heaters
    Soak in the ambiance while staying warm and cozy in the glow of electric or gas powered patio heaters. Offering warmth and versatility, there is an array of patio heater styles perfect for any setting, from freestanding to space-saving overhead solutions – and they are all compatible with a louvered aluminum pergola.

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Safe and sound

Aluminum Denver Pergolas are safe from fire. Ensure the safety of your home and outdoor living space as well: Verify local outdoor heating safety ordinances, and once you find the perfect outdoor heating match for your pergola, be certain to follow all manufacturer installation, ventilation, and safety recommendations to ensure an enjoyable, safe, outdoor living space.

Tired of spending the cooler season with your nose pressed up against the glass? Create an outdoor living space usable in even cold weather and start making memories with your family with the help of a Denver Pergola today.

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