Aluminum Louvered Pergola: 5 Things You Need to Know

StruXure aluminum louvered pergolas offer unique flexibility, providing sun, shade, shelter and everything in between with a simple adjustment. Other products on the market make the attempt, but they are unable to match the StruXure design. What makes it stand out from competing shade structures?

Overlooking the Benefits of StruXure Pergolas Could Cost You

Compared with other outdoor shelter options, over the long run you could miss out on…

  • Replacement Costs
    How often do you want to repair or replace your shade structure? Made entirely in the U.S., every major component in the versatile StruXure is constructed of fully extruded aluminum, providing a high tensile strength not achieved with the cheaper, roll-formed aluminum used by imitators.
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  • Return on Your Outdoor Living Investment
    Denver’s brutal weather taking a toll on your outdoor accoutrements? From rugs to refrigerators, your outdoor living space requires dependable protection if it’s going to last over the long run. Luckily the 170-degree adjustability of StruXure louvers deliver, providing sun, rain, snow and wind protection via remote, iPhone, or weather-programmable operation.
  • Opportunity
    Tired of weather robbing you of opportunity? The patented interlocking louver design of the StruXure provide unmatched performance in the rain. The first pergola to develop and integrate a multi-zone-compatible gutter system, the superior water management of the StruXure utilized its posts as downspouts for a clean, minimalist look, eliminating dripping between louvers and making StruXure the company of choice for hotels, resorts, restaurants and country clubs who cannot afford to take chances with patron comfort.
  • Convenience
    Hand-cranking patio umbrellas or awnings getting old? The most technologically advanced system available, StruXure’s exceptionally quiet iLouver™ Operating System StruXure’s offers the ultimate in convenience. Compatible with any smart device, customize pergola operation with options such as:

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    • Preset positioning
    • Auto open/close functions
    • Wind & rain sensors for automated weather control
    • ‘Hurricane mode’ to reduce resistance and minimize uplift

American-made, motors are environmentally tested for use in harsh conditions, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and C.E. approved, and require zero maintenance throughout the life of the motor.

  • Maintenance
    Dread pergola repair and re-staining? Premium AkzoNobel powder coating virtually eliminates maintenance needs, preserving your pergola. The standard finish on louvers, beams, and gutters hold up to salt water air, chlorine, sun, rain, protecting the pergola from oxidation and corrosion. Specially formulated to reflect solar radiation, it reduces the ‘heat island effect,’ keeping the pergola surface, and your indoor and outdoor living spaces, cool.

StruXure Aluminum Pergolas Outshine the Competition in Every Arena

Stop looking out of the window and embrace the outdoors, gaining control of your patio space with the latest in functional, durable pergola technology. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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