Outdoor entertaining season is in full swing, and it’s never too late to contact us here at StruXure Denver for a quote on the best, and most customizable patio cover on the market.

Whether you are entertaining friends or customers, you want them to be as comfortable from the elements as possible. With a louvered pergola made entirely of extruded high quality aluminum, installed by Denver Pergola Systems to your taste and exacting specifications, you’ll never have to apologize for Denver’s mercurial seasonal weather ever again.

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The Most Customizable Patio Cover on the Market

Let’s set aside for the moment that an all-aluminum pergola installed by StruXure Denver has louvers that can be infinitely adjusted to a full 170 degrees of travel, meaning the shade is not there when you want the sky. Instead let’s focus on how StruXure Denver can more or less seamlessly blend the pergola in with your existing architecture.

As the louvered pergolas that we install are all constructed from the highest quality extruded aluminum, they can be hard anodized to quite the rainbow of color options.

Since the aluminum framing provides all of the self-supporting structure the pergola needs to operate, it can either remain detached from your existing structure, or attached to it if desired. This structural rigidity means that the pergolas we install are really easy to give a façade to. They can be supported with faux columns, or any type of well weathering wood you could want to put up. Finally, as they are finely finished aluminum, it is simplicity itself to have the structure primed to accept exterior finishes and have them powder coated to any color you can imagine.

Opened or Closed, StruXure Has You Covered

The manual or motorized adjustability of our aluminum pergolas is the best thing that ever happened to outdoor entertaining and cooking. No matter what you cook upon outside, you won’t have a noxious cloud of fumes or smoke hanging over your guests.

And if our unpredictable Denver weather takes a snap turn for the worse, only an aluminum pergola can go from open to rainproof and highly wind resistant in under a minute, and it is certainly the only rigid patio cover capable of being controlled via a smartphone app.

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Or you can just make that cloudburst protection automatic. Rain sensing technology is not just for high end cars anymore, it’s an option on our motorized pergolas.

For a quote, contact StruXure Denver today for more information on how to add style to your back yard and value to your home.

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