New to adjustable aluminum pergola technology and wondering what all the buzz is about? Adjustable aluminum pergolas are far different in looks, function, and maintenance than traditional wooden pergola fare.

The Aluminum Pergola Advantage

Why does it matter what style of shelter towers over your head?

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  1. Versatility
    Unlike the static roof of a traditional wooden pergola, which offers some shade but is traditionally left open, adjustable aluminum pergolas offer users access to everything from full sun to partial shade and everything in-between. A patented interlocking louver design delivers 170-degree rotational flexibility, and the built-in gutter system discreetly disposes of rainwater, providing leak-free weather protection at the touch of a button. Miss those unobstructed sky views? Look to the Arcadia Slide. Similar to a automobile sunroof, this pergola addition offers both weather protection and an unencumbered sightline.
  2. Customization
    Like wood, which can be constructed, painted or stained to suit, aluminum pergolas offer custom sizing and amenities, including:

    • Hundreds of custom colors and wraps, as well as faux wood wrap for a natural look.
    • Custom trim and accents, from corbel ends to architectural columns.
    • Motorized screens for added shade and pest protection.
    • Privacy curtains.
    • Integrated lighting, ceiling fans, and radiant heating solutions.
  3. Ease-of-Installation
    Unlike heavy wooden structures, aluminum pergolas are lightweight, easier to assemble, and better suited for locations where weight must be kept to a minimum, such as deck, balcony, and rooftop installations.
  4. Care & Maintenance
    Properly installed, adjustable aluminum pergolas rarely require maintenance. Unlike wood, which requires regular upkeep like repainting/staining to prevent rot, weathering, and pest damage, the nonporous, powder coated, fully-extruded aluminum structure of the Arcadia withstands warping, corrosion, and rot.
  5. Cost
    Though aluminum pergolas require a higher up-front investment, they have fewer recurring maintenance costs compared to wood, making the long-term cost of an aluminum structure a must better investment.
  6. Durability
    The premium Akzo Nobel powder coated surface of the Arcadia withstands even the most extreme environments, holding up to UV, ice, rain, and pollution without oxidizing or corroding.
  7. Safety
    The fully extruded aluminum structure of the Arcadia is engineered not only to masterfully manage rain, but to withstand hurricane force winds and support heavy snow loads.
  8. Ease of Use
    Adjustable aluminum pergolas are quickly and easily adjusted with the click of a remote control button or smart-device-driven iLouver operation. Adjust louver angle based on time or pre-set position. For the ultimate in convenience, optional integrated wind and rain sensing technology offers pre-programmed, weather-driven response, including ‘hurricane mode’ for reducing resistance and minimizing uplift in extremely windy conditions. American-made CE and UL certified motors are built to last and maintenance free, offering exceptionally quiet, dependable operation even in the harshest outdoor environments.
  9. Beautiful and timeless
    From the first day to five, ten, even 15 years out, an aluminum pergola will look the same: clean lines, beautiful finish, and perfect functionality. No other material: not wood, vinyl or even steel can boast the longevity of an Arcadia aluminum louvered pergola. Depending on personal preferences and style, the Arcadia can also be customized to fit modern or traditional styles.

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