This article was originally published on May 14, 2018 and updated on February 8, 2024

Have you been surprised to discover pergola technology has advanced beyond the wooden structures of the past? Today’s aluminum louvered pergolas are far different from their predecessors. How have they evolved? StruXure motorized pergolas offer features never before seen in patio shelters.

Adjustable Pergolas Deliver Sun, Shade, and Shelter On Demand

Unlike traditional open-roof pergola designs, with a motorized Pivot 6 pergola that opens and closes, you can dial in the ideal amount of shelter for comfort in any weather. Open or partially close louvers to bask in the sunlight or shade, adjusting up to 170 degrees – or close and interlock louvers to engage the built-in gutter system for drip-free rain protection. Don’t want to miss out on unobstructed sky views? The revolutionary Pivot 6 Slide opens like a sports car sunroof, letting you choose between beautiful sky views or weather protection with the click of a button.


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Motorized Pergolas Offer Endless Customization Potential

Aluminum pergolas offer more customization potential than traditional wood pergola designs. Create a custom size pergola unique to your home or business, with your choice of:

  • Attached or freestanding design
  • Modern, traditional, or rustic styles
  • White, black, beige, bronze, adobe, or gray powder coating or faux wood wrap
  • Custom-cut trim and architectural columns
  • Integrated lighting, fans, patio heaters, and motorized curtains

You Can Install Custom Louvered Pergolas Anywhere

Unlike heavy wood structures, lightweight aluminum pergolas can be easily installed anywhere, from patio slabs to raised decks, balconies, and rooftops. We can manufacture nearly any size pergola to meet your needs, from small or narrow pergolas for tight or irregularly shaped spaces to massive multi-zone systems with no maximum size.

StruXure Pergolas Offer a Better Return on Investment

While StruXure mechanical aluminum louvered pergolas cost more to install up-front, they have fewer recurring maintenance requirements than wood and last far longer. They’re built to last a lifetime and backed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Powder Coated Aluminum Pergolas Offer Unmatched Durability

StruXure pergolas are engineered to withstand hurricane force winds, resist denting from hail, and support heavy snow loads with louvers closed. Premium powder coating stands up to extreme climates, including intense UV light, harsh poolside and marine environments, and pollution without oxidizing or corroding.

Aluminum Louvered Pergolas are Low Maintenance

Wood pergolas require regular staining or painting to prevent deterioration from weather and pest damage. StruXure’s fully extruded, powder-coated aluminum pergolas withstand corrosion, rotting, and warping with minimal care. Occasionally spray down with your hose or wipe damp with a soft cloth and mild detergent – and you’re done!


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StruXure Smart Bioclimatic Pergolas are Easy to Use

Motorized  louvered aluminum pergolas offer a variety of operating system options, allowing you to easily adjust your pergola to maximize outdoor enjoyment in any weather. Choose from wall mount or remote control operation, app-driven adjustment from your smartphone or mobile device, or home automation. Adjust on-the-fly or pre-program your favorite settings and schedule. Optional weather sensors automatically respond to changing weather conditions, including rain, wind, and ice.

Aluminum Pergolas Add Lasting Beauty and Value

Whether your StruXure aluminum louvered pergola is 15 days old or 15 years, it will remain beautiful and functional, adding lasting curb appeal and value. No other patio shelter boasts the same longevity.

Adjustable Pergolas Offer Unparalleled Advantages

Outfit your home or business with the ultimate in outdoor living comfort and technology. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to learn more about smart bioclimatic pergolas or bring your design to life with our optional 3-D rendering services today.


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