Creating a useful, enjoyable outdoor living space should not revolve around a bargain store impulse buy. A comfortable, sought-after space requires careful planning around your outdoor living needs. How can you ensure an outstanding outdoor design?

The Formula for a Winning Outdoor Living Space Design:

  1. Determine the Purpose & Size of Your Outdoor Living Area
    What are you and your family looking for in an outdoor living space? A private, relaxing retreat? Added kitchen and dining space? A place to work while the family plays? The necessary features of your outdoor space will largely depend on these decisions, with size restricted by your property’s unique footprint, zoning, and HOA limitations.
  2. Ponder Placement
    When considering placement, don’t overlook the influence of natural elements that can add to ambiance, as well as those that could detract, such as prevailing winds and sun orientation. Instead of the typical locale (just out the back door), consider alternatives such as breaking up your outdoor space into several small patio ‘rooms,’ connected together with landscaping or hardscaping, adding a pavilion as an outdoor focal point, or locating your space in an off-the-beaten-path, secluded area of your yard for quiet and privacy.
  3. Consider Convenience
    The placement of your outdoor room should allow for easy movement into/out of the house. Safe, convenient access to power and water are key. Good zoning of your space, properly installing/locating amenities, spacing and separating various activities and furnishings allow for safe traffic flow and ease-of-use.
  4. Set the Scene
    Adding greenery with a living wall, large planters, water and fire features, or taking advantage of surrounding natural views.
  5. Ensure Comfort
    Create intimacy, define your space, and provide integral sun and rain shelter with an adjustable Arcadia aluminum pergola. Unlike fixed patio shade structures, the Arcadia lets you take advantage of all each season has to offer, sealing out the rain, basking in the sun, or dialing in the perfect amount of shade via remote control or iLouver app-driven technology.
  6. Complement Your Home’s Décor
    When selecting your pergola design, choose a scheme that harmonizes with the architecture of your home and your signature style. The Arcadia comes in a wide variety of custom colors and trim variations to accommodate this, including faux-wood wrap, architectural columns, and custom trim, including corbel ends to meet your unique design needs.
  7. Plan for Privacy
    Ensure privacy from neighbors and noise reduction with motorized privacy curtains, or strategically placed fencing, decorative stone screening wall and/or tall landscaping plants. Consider the addition of screens, which alongside privacy, can also offer protection from pests.
  8. Ask for Help When You Need It
    Unsure of how to accomplish your dream outdoor living space design? The pros at StruXure Denver have the experience you need to help you bring even the most imaginative outdoor living ideas to life.

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