This article was published on  4-11-2018 and updated on 3-2-2022

Are you frustrated that your Lilliputian landscape is limiting your outdoor living options? What your teeny yard lacks in size, it can make up for in character and functionality. Even the smallest outdoor space can feel airy and expansive with a well-thought-out design. How can you maximize your pint-size yard with a pergola and the right accessories? 

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Tips for Adding a Pergola to a Small Backyard

  • Make it versatile
    Ensure the use of your outdoor area in any weather with a louvered pergola. StruXure of Denver offers pergolas as small as 12×12 to meet your needs. Our lightweight aluminum home pergolas deliver versatile, reliable rain and sun protection on-demand or opening to allow light to filter through to provide an open, airy feel. Adjust louvers up to 170 degrees on-demand. Slide to the perfect setting via remote control, mobile app, or using the latest rain, wind, and freeze-sensing technology for weather-responsive performance.
  • Keep it light
    Choosing light, bright colors opens up your outdoor space, making even the puniest patio feel larger than it is.

    • Whites and ivories reflect light, adding a bright, airy ambiance
    • Soothing taupes offer an expansive, warm feel
    • Crisp greens are perfect for blending your outdoor space into the surrounding environment
  • Go cute & cozy
    An elegant two-chair bistro set, skinny mini-bar with slide-under stools, or pair of compact outdoor recliners can help you maintain a feeling of space.
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  • Supersize it
    Though it may seem counterintuitive, squeezing in LARGE furnishings like an oversize sofa or sectional can help you make the most of space when paired with the right accessories.
  • Opt for ottomans
    Cushy ottomans keep space open, offering easily moveable, flexible seating.
  • Hang it up
    Make a statement with egg-shaped hanging chairs. These charming chairs keep floor space clear while offering an inviting place to curl up and relax. (Chairs are also available on stands.)
  • Go vertical
    Create a garden-like destination with a vivid, vertical green living wall of plants. Living walls are an excellent solution for making narrow concrete rooftop and side patio spaces feel wider or to divide your outdoor area into sub-spaces, adding life to the dullest outdoor living room.

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