This article was published on 7/11/2018 and updated on 3/29/2022

Are you looking for ways to improve your health by spending more time outside? There’s never been a better time to splurge on outdoor living space. Many would argue high stress, crazy COVID ups and downs, and the need to reconnect with other forms of life outside the four walls of your home make it an imperative. What health benefits does spending more time outdoors offer?

7 Ways Spending Time Outside Boosts Health

According to Harvard Medical School and multiple studies, spending time outside provides significant health benefits. Cheaper than prescriptions, with no negative side effects, spending time outdoors:

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  1. Boosts Vitamin D levels
    Those living in urban environments suffer far more health issues than those living near green spaces. Vitamin D, ‘the sunshine vitamin,’ is a prime reason. Natural light exposure is well-known to aid healing. It plays a crucial role in overall health. Your body most easily absorbs this vitamin from the sun. It offers protection against a wide variety of serious illnesses, from cancer, stroke, and heart disease to depression, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Most Americans severely lack Vitamin D – leading doctors to write prescriptions for affected patients to spend time outside.
  2. Reduces stress and depression
    Studies indicate spending time outdoors boosts self-esteem and mood, improving many mental health conditions. Whether you’re keyed up or down in the dumps, time outdoors can help. Sunlight, a natural mood booster, offers the best treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – otherwise known as winter depression. Being outdoors also counteracts the physical manifestations of stress, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure and lowering cortisol levels, the hormone measured to identify a body under extreme stress.
  3. Aids healing
    Those living in urban environments suffer far more health issues than those living near green spaces. Multiple studies show a positive correlation between access to green space and health. Overall, time in nature reduces inflammation. Studies conducted at the University of Pittsburg show that exposure to natural light improves post-surgery recovery. Patients with the opportunity to enjoy nature views experienced less post-op pain and stress, requiring fewer medications.
  4. Fights fatigue
    The breathtaking and wondrous sights of nature offer inspiration, helping your body bounce back after periods of mental and physical fatigue.
  5. Inspires activity
    In direct contrast to an indoor, sedentary lifestyle, spending time outdoors spurs and enhances activity. Just 5 minutes of outdoor exercise delivers mood and self-esteem-boosting advantages. Children are especially inspired – more than doubly active when outdoors. Natural light enhances the benefits of any activity, offering a refreshing, invigorating workout environment that motivates people to greater workout intensity and length.
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  7. Improves concentration
    Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder performed better on tests of concentration after ‘green therapy’ such as a walk in the park. Similar improvements have been seen in improving the working memory of those suffering from depression.
  8. Boosts performance
    In studies, people immersed in nature for 4 days showcased a 50% performance improvement on creative problem-solving tests, improving cognitive function at zero cost compared to side-effect-laden caffeine and pharmaceutical stimulants.

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