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Root Down is one of six Denver restaurants managed by Edible Beats, known for innovative and simple sourcing of responsibly grown, veggie-forward fare. More than 50% of ingredients used in Edible Beats restaurants are sourced locally from Colorado farmers and ranchers. Root Down is a popular neighborhood eatery in the heart of The Highlands, offering a fresh-from-the-earth menu in an eclectic, funky, and nostalgic environment. Root Down is popular among the locals, and anyone visiting the area, specializing in plant-based dinners and weekend brunches that nourish the body and honor the earth.

Root Down is a neighborhood favorite brunch spot on the weekends, with the outdoor patio being highly sought after seating space. Edible Beats was seeking to make its outdoor seating capacity a more consistent revenue generator Creating a covered outdoor seating space that could be usable during inclement weather was key to helping them to better serve the community and reduce customer wait times.

Project Details


Root Down is a popular spot in a seasoned neighborhood with narrow roads constructed in the late 1800s and crowded streets alluding to the busy activity of a lively community. Located on the corner of two intersecting streets, Root Down had limited indoor seating and limited space to expand. They had been using an outdoor patio with a camouflage netting over the top for added outdoor seating, which could only be used on nice weather days and gave no protection to sudden bursts of Denver rains or wind.

The largest challenge facing StruXure Denver when constructing the Pivot 6 pergola was the space allowed for construction and installation. The outdoor patio was on an elevated concrete pad, surrounded by a welded railing. The pergola had to fit perfectly into place and attach to the existing brick building.

Restaurant Pergola in Denver Colorado 80211
Denver Colorado Pergola 80211
Commercial Restaurant Pergola in Denver Colorado 80211
Commercial Pergola used for restaurant in Denver Colorado 80211
louvered aluminum pergola installed in Denver Colorado 80211


Pivot 6 Aluminum Pergola
StruXure Denver constructed and installed the Pivot 6 aluminum pergola and found a solution to the space constraints by thinking outside the box, or above the box, if you will. Like Root Down, StruXure Denver excels with innovative thinking and problem solving and decided to construct the pergola on the roof of the building, then lower it into place with a crane. All materials were delivered to the roof with the help of a crane, constructed on the roof, and carefully installed in place in just two days. This solved the problem of fitting a quality pergola into an already confined space and gave the neighborhood an interesting site to behold while heading to their favorite eclectic eatery.


The Pivot 6 pergola for Root Down made their outdoor patio a 4-season room with pivoting, motorized louvers on the top, and motorized screens for the side. We added an automatic rain sensor that will quickly close the louvers when rain is detected and could also be controlled via remote with Somfy MyLink, providing integrated controls for louvers and screens.

Beams and hidden gutters divert rainwater away from the structure. We added lights for the perfect illumination to the aluminum Pivot 6 pergola in the color black, with black screens. The black Pivot 6 pergola fits perfectly with their décor in this historic working neighborhood.

Root Down was so pleased with the Pivot 6 pergola that they later installed a similar outdoor luxury system at their sister restaurant, Vital Root.


Root Down is consistently busy and enjoys the usable outdoor seating space, where patrons can enjoy the fresh air while being protected from the elements. This helps them to expand their seating area and reduce customer wait times for a table. Root Down also offers reservations for parties and now has more usable seating for events.
Outdoor seating under a pergola covered patio
Louvered Pergola installed in Denver Colorado 80211
StruXure Denver specializes in providing outdoor luxury systems with a focus on innovative technology and architectural design. We are a smart louvered roof manufacturer with a passion for building the best outdoor structure that exceeds all quality and engineering standards. Contact us to learn more about our Pivot 6 for the ultimate in beautiful, functional, and durable outdoor luxury systems, such as this pergola for Root Down in Denver, CO.

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