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10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Upcoming Soiree

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Pergola Ideas / June 25, 2020

How to Design a Party Friendly Backyard 

How can you create a party-friendly patio space? Whether you're looking to host a small group or a crowd, an entertainment friendly setup involves a variety of factors. From a  well-planned layout that allows for versatility and ease-of-use to inspiring lighting, comfortable seating, and multifunctional accessories, we've got the tips you need to ensure a spectacular shindig. 

These backyard setup ideas offer solutions that will work well whether you're relaxing with your family or hosting a large group of friends and neighbors.

    1. Set up a multi-room outdoor space
      Dividing your backyard into multiple outdoor rooms provides ample space for entertaining and relaxing. You can accomplish this even in modestly sized yards, creating an area that feels expansive with multiple entertainment destinations. Design each to draw guests to a specific attraction, such as a kitchen, bar, dining terrace, cozy fire pit gathering area, and TV/entertainment space.
    2. Open up to the outdoor experience with expansive doors
      Large folding doors or sliders you can completely open to your outdoor space effectively double your entertainment area and imbue a more spacious feel.

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    4. Provide shelter from the storm
      Inclement weather can kill the party vibe fast. Banish weather worries, adjusting to changes on the fly with an aluminum louvered pergola. Seal louvers for leakproof protection from the rain, engage shade protection when your guests need it most, or open up louvers to increase circulation, enjoying added sunlight and warmth beneath the comfort of your custom home pergola system.
    5. Add warmth with a fire feature
      Nothing is cozier than a soft, wraparound sofa or cushy chairs surrounding a welcoming gas fire pit. Choose light, movable seating options for the easy relocation of furnishing to accommodate larger or smaller events.
    6. Ensure comfort and ambiance
      The right patio and pergola accessories make all the difference. Adjustable pergola lighting and strip lighting around walkways and stairs create the perfect ambiance. Built-in patio heaters and fans ensure comfort, and motorized pergola screens keep pests at bay, creating an inviting, comfortable atmosphere that remains functional from season to season.
    7. Squeeze in extra seating
      If you have extra space, consider squeezing additional built-in seating into your outdoor design. Adding permanent seating where guests tend to congregate, such as surrounding your outdoor kitchen, is a smart way to create a hangout space and take advantage of the shelter beneath your adjustable louvered pergola.
    8. Maximize views
      For terrace seating, make the most of views with high top seating and tables. Your guests will love the unencumbered view while indulging in cocktails, hors doeuvres, and conversation.
    9. Add multifunctional flair
      Cube-shaped accent stools and other movable, multifunctional furniture such as crates and poufs deliver easy access to seating, doubling as side tables and storage for gear depending on the event.  
    10. Stock your space in advance
      Cut down on trips into and out of your home/kitchen by stocking your patio in advance. Setups with full outdoor kitchens, including ample counter space, a sink, built-in fridge, and warming oven, make this infinitely easier.
    11. Consider kids
      If you are regularly hosting children, make sure your space is situated to allow unobstructed views of areas like stairs and water features, which could pose a danger, gating or fencing them as necessary. Consider adding a few kid-approved additions such as inflatable balls or bubbles. It only takes a few small flourishes to make a gathering child-friendly.

    Don’t let your next backyard party run afoul. Create a versatile, enjoyable outdoor space with a custom aluminum pergola and the perfect accessories for entertaining. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to schedule a design consultation today.

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