Daylight savings time surrounds us the majority of the year, from March through November, leaving plenty of time to take advantage of a bit of extra time outdoors. Make the most of it in this season with an outdoor living space upgrade.

Building a pergola is an exceptional way to utilize the space you already have. Sun when you want it, shade when you need it.  Go ahead, spend more time outdoors!!

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7 Ways to Spend the Extra Daylight

  1. Get ready for spring.
    After the snowmelt, break out the patio furniture and get your outdoor space back into shape. Clean up dead leaves and debris from the fall and winter season, wipe down furniture and décor, and incorporate a few colorful accents to freshen things up. If there’s still a chill in the air, add an infrared or portable gas patio heater for comfort, alongside a few cozy, washable throws for an added layer of warmth as temperatures steady.
  2. Add a few flowers.
    Break out of the dullness of your winter rut, taking part in the fresh start the spring season signifies. Begin springtime planting around your outdoor living space when weather warms, enjoying the emergence of colorful flower blossoms or flavorful edibles.
  3. Host a barbecue.
    Invite friends and neighbors to join you beneath your newly added outdoor space, enjoying a bit of food and conversation beneath your StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola. Open up louvers to let the sunshine in, or close them up, gaining fast access to shelter during April showers beneath the comfort of your pergola.
  4. Watch a game.
    Take in a breath of fresh air on your outdoor television, enjoying a Major League baseball or soccer game.
  5. Enjoy a sunrise.
    With the sun rising an hour later, it shouldn’t be too hard to catch a glimpse of a sunrise. Grab a cup of coffee and head out to your outdoor living space for a front row seat.
  6. Get Financing

  7. Move your exercise outdoors.
    Enjoy a bit of relaxing yoga, cardio or weight training in the cooler outdoor temperatures, breathing deeply and taking in nature.
  8. Camp out with the kids.
    Nothing is more fun for kids than a backyard camp out. And what better place to enjoy the outdoors than your own backyard? Engage the motorized screens and curtains of your pergola to take in the sunset in a bug-free environment, then easily create your grand tent with the addition of motorized curtains, getting comfy and cozy beneath the shelter of your StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola.

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