Are you struggling to add a functional patio space in your odd or irregularly shaped yard? Don’t lament your unusual landscape design – put it to work for you! Learn how to add a focal point, create a feel of symmetry, and downplay unusual yard features with these tips for tackling strange dimensions.

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Working with Your Yard

The first step to reinventing your space lies in choosing how to downplay your yard’s unique layout.

  • Downplay Unsightly Features
    Draw attention away from features you dislike by adding a focal point. These will vary based on the size and shape of your yard and the location of the feature(s) you want to soften. Great options for drawing attention include a yard sculpture, water feature, fire pit, or unique pergola design that will outshine unsightly elements in your yard.
  • Add the Shape You Want
    If you’re yearning for a regularly shaped yard, you can still prevail. Map out an oval or rectangle in the center of your yard, creating your covered patio Surround the space with greenery and landscaping that fills in far edges and masks or minimizes the asymmetrical nature of your yard. Lush, dense foliage is an excellent way to fill in odd corners and strange side yards.
  • Create a Natural Flow
    Rather than fighting your yard’s shape, consider creating a natural flow with the help of a landscape designer. Ponds, waterfalls, curving streams, and elevation changes in seemingly random locations can transform your yard from a peculiarity to a beautiful work of nature.

Choosing a Patio Shape

Remember, your patio can be any shape you want, including square, rectangle, circular, or oval. Sketching your yard can help you identify where these shapes will naturally fit. Don’t be afraid to get creative, StruXure louvered roof systems can be designed to enhance outdoor spaces of any size or shape. Which is best for your yard?

  • Square
    Square shapes are ideal for seating areas, like outdoor living rooms.
  • Rectangular
    Rectangles rule for those looking to incorporate chaise lounges, a dining set, or dining/grill combo. 
  • Round
    Circles and ovals are versatile, but should typically include a statement piece such as a bar table, fire feature, Adirondack conversation set, or cute bistro combo. 
  • Combination
    Consider a “zoned” setup, featuring distinctly shaped, separate spaces for added functionality, such as a cooking zone on a rectangular patio, connected to a circular dining area.

No matter what layout you choose, sketch your design and furnishings onto graph paper. Ensure clear pathways and sufficient space for safe movement, paying special attention to tricky spots surrounding hot grills, pools/water features, and doors to avoid overcrowding and ensure a functional, enjoyable space.

Get Financing

Go from “weird” to “wow.” Add style and personality to your yard, opening up to new solutions for your space. Schedule a free design consultation with StruXure Denver today.

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