Are you considering adding a patio cover over your hot tub? Installing a louvered patio roof over a hot tub offers many opportunities to add amenities that enhance spa function and ambiance. Below we’ll cover the benefits of building a roof over a hot tub and ways to customize your outdoor shelter to improve the spa experience.

Consider Your Dream Spa Retreat

StruXure Denver can help you bring any idea to reality. Keep your spa area small and simple, integrating multi-tiered stairs or surrounding your pergola-covered hot tub with decking. Expand your hot tub zone into a retreat with a shower, sauna, cooling jacuzzi, built-in seating, and towel storage. Or create a multi-zone outdoor living area with a lounging and entertainment space, bar, outdoor kitchen and dining area, fireplace or water feature, and other additions.


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Determine the Best Size Pergola for Your Hot Tub

Our louvered roof aluminum pergolas come in standard and custom sizes to meet your needs:

StruXure Cabana X
These small, portable 10×10 pergolas install in a flash without requiring a permit. They’re perfect for hot tubs, featuring customizable side panels that enhance looks and privacy.

Pivot 6
A homeowner favorite, our larger Pivot 6 aluminum pergolas are infinitely customizable. They’re perfect for topping sunken tub deck surrounds and integrating seating and other amenities, offering precise sun and shade control.

Pan 6
The ideal solution for oversized, multi-zone designs, the Pan 6 integrates louvered roof panels with fixed pans so you can shelter all your favorite outdoor living additions under one roof.

We offer multiple design options and custom colors to complement your home and spa. Choose from sleek modern styles to those with architectural columns or faux wood wrap with custom end cuts perfect for emulating more traditional designs.

Enhance Ambiance and Comfort with the Right Pergola Design & Accessories

Ensure comfortable spa use year-round with our customizable aluminum pergolas. StruXure louvered pergola systems offer instant access to sun, shade, or rain protection with the touch of a button, whether you choose our larger pergola models or simple small pergolas. Outfit your patio cover with built-in lights, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, outdoor speakers, and flatscreen TV, turning your spa into the ultimate luxury retreat.


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Create More Privacy with a Louvered Patio Roof Over A Hot Tub

A pergola-covered spa is the perfect way to add privacy when and where you need it. Easily close your louvered roof, excluding people in nearby multi-story homes and apartments from view with the touch of a button. Shield yourself from nosy neighbors nearby with motorized privacy screens or curtains on your Pivot 6, or add solid or slatted side panels and curtain rods for privacy on your Cabana X. In addition to shielding you from prying eyes, reducing exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and debris decreases spa maintenance and chemical costs.

Transform your hot tub experience, adding function, beauty, and value to your home with a louvered patio roof over a hot tub. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to learn more or to start creating your dream outdoor retreat today.

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