Do you need an outdoor fan? Many people don’t consider an outdoor fan a necessity. However, these inexpensive appliances offer many benefits far beyond comfort. From cooling and air circulation to pest control, safety, and style, learn why an outdoor fan is a fantastic addition to your residential pergola design.

The Benefits of Adding a Ceiling Fan to Your Outdoor Space

Ceiling fans pack a lot of punch on your patio or deck, providing:

  • Cooling
    Outdoor ceiling fans go wonderfully with patio shades, providing a refreshing respite from the bright, hot summer Colorado sun. The large blades of outdoor ceiling fans offer superior comfort compared to smaller oscillating and boxed fans. This “wind chill” effect, created when air passes over perspiration on the skin, can make you and your guests feel several degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Integrating a patio misting system can further enhance this effect.
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  • Air circulation
    Ceiling fans create a refreshing breeze, controlling smoke from grilling and fire pits or cigarettes, banishing offensive smells and oppressive heat to keep you and your guests more comfortable.
  • Lighting
    Ceiling fans come with the option of added lighting to enhance the functionality of your outdoor space.
  • Pest control
    Ceiling fans can prevent covered patios from becoming a haven for annoying pests like flies and mosquitoes. The wind created by fans makes it difficult for insects to fly, keeping pests away and ensuring a more enjoyable outdoor experience.
  • Convenience
    Flip a switch or press a button, and your ceiling fan is ready to go – no digging in the garage for dusty box fans and extension cords required!
  • Safety
    Compared to other outdoor fan styles, wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are the safest option, keeping cords out of reach and eliminating tripping and electrocution hazards.
  • Style
    A carefully chosen ceiling fan addition can make a unique design statement. You may be surprised to uncover the wide variety of fan and blade styles currently on the market.

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An Easy Addition

Wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are easily integrated into your customizable StruXure louvered roof system. Choose your favorite color and style, and a StruXure Denver installation professional can integrate it into your pergola design alongside your other favorite pergola accessories.

Learn more about choosing the best fan for your space in our companion blog, Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Beat the heat and banish the bugs with a customizable louvered roof system. Contact StruXure Denver and schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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