Don’t underestimate the value you get from having an outdoor kitchen. Those that have them will tell you, they’re simply wonderful. Whether you’re truly designing a  full cook center or just a dining space to enjoy meals, a shade structure over your patio that provides protection from the rain, and relief from the sun will add to the enjoyment you get from your patio space.

Warm up to outdoor cooking this summer. Design the perfect outdoor dining space.

  1. Block it in.
    From budget-friendly concrete blocks smoothed over with cement, to unique patio paver and natural stone tile flooring designs, your dream outdoor dining space can be as simple or as sophisticated as you desire.
  2. Float it or sink it.
    Decide whether you prefer a freestanding grill that is easily moveable depending on your venue, or the looks and function of a built-in model situated next to a work area complete with countertop space, sink, mini-fridge, and storage.
  3. Stretch out.
    Make the most of your outdoor dining space addition, utilizing all available space and stretching the entire width of the wall.
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  5. Keep it under wraps.
    Keep your sleek new barbecue grill, countertops, cabinets, sink, and furnishings shiny and new with an adjustable aluminum pergola addition. Rather than lugging items back and forth from the shed, keep items handy for daily use, extending your usable living space and safeguarding outdoor gear beneath the shelter of a pergola. Allowing you to enjoy your outdoor dining space in any weather, open up to enjoy cooking in the sun, then close for shade or protection at the end of the night, safeguarding your grill and gear from UV light, wind, and rain.
  6. Light it up.
    Add ambient and task lighting, maximizing the use of your outdoor living space addition beyond peak daylight hours.
  7. Get comfortable.
    With ceiling fan additions to keep your family cool and comfortable and motorized screens for pest protection and privacy.
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  9. Add foodie flair.
    With a rustic, wood-burning stove, pizza oven, smoker, or charcoal barbecue pit, imparting the unique, smoky flavor only these cooking surfaces can provide. Keep it simple or surround your flame-filled feature with extras like a countertop surface, sink, and storage.
  10. Dine-in.
    Incorporating a casual breakfast bar alongside your barbecue, or perhaps a full-size dining table for the family. Choose from ready-made bar and table sets on the market, or go custom for a design and fit as unique as your family.

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