With the 2017 backyard patio season well underway and temperatures rising, you may have found yourself taking a long hard look at your outdoor living décor. (Just how old is that sun-bleached patio table set?) Chances are, it’s time for an update of your outdoor space.

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What’s Hot & What’s Not ?

Say good-bye to cold, modern concrete, wrought iron, and faux wood plastics. This year’s groovy styles are anything but boring – and far from stuffy… 


  1. Natural Materials
    Natural wood furnishings such as teak tabletops offer a rural, rustic feel, withstanding the test of time to weather beautifully to grey over the years. Prefer more color? Look to bright, vintage-style mosaic dining and accent tables in natural stone, ceramic, and glass.
  2. Retro Seating
    Retro-style furniture such as natural woven rattan and 70s-inspired wicker are making a comeback indoors and out – but with a fresh, new take: Non-traditional colors that pair well with darker, more traditional outdoor furniture hues.
  3. A Cool Feel
    Nautically-inspired coastal blues and ivories paired with soft, yet durable woven outdoor textiles from cushions to throws and rugs look great when paired with budget-friendly, low-maintenance, self-contained water features such as portable fountains and urns.
  4. Splashy Patterns
    Fun, splashy patterned pillows, blankets and rugs are a great way to bring the indoors out – and easily swapped out as trends change.
  5. Urban Edibles
    Landscape design that doubles as dinner is huge, from incorporating veggie gardens and fruit trees to cute, backyard chicken ‘condos’ and family-friendly beekeeping solutions.
  6. Barbecue Courtyards
    Instead of an outdoor living space opened to only one room (or two), eco friendly ‘barbecue courtyards’ nix the need for major regrading, replacing the conventional backyard with a multi-functional family space open to every room of the home.
  7. Sustainable Design
    Over-the-top, showy landscapes are out. Design that is built to last, low maintenance, and green – from drought-tolerant container gardens and ground cover to long-lived, low maintenance shade structures that keep chemicals and maintenance chores at bay – have become the new norm in outdoor design for economic and environmental reasons.
  8. Seamless Transitions
    The number one trend this year by far is seamless transition from the home to outdoor spaces. New outdoor fabrics in soft, waterproof, fade-resistant acrylics make this possible, from rugs to cushions, blankets and throw pillows, with the anchor of this seamless transition being versatile shelter.

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An Open and Shut Case

Customizable, unbelievably durable, and nearly maintenance-free,StuXure adjustable louvered pergola systems allow you to fully enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer, providing sun, shade, or shelter to meet your family’s changing needs – and Denver’s rapidly changing weather conditions – with a simple adjustment. Dial-in just the right amount exposure, including full rain protection, with up to 180 degrees of fine-tuning at your fingertips via electric, remote control, or smart-device-driven operation.


Open up to a world of new outdoor living possibilities. Learn more about our windproof, HOA-friendly patio shelter designs. Contact StuXure Denver today.



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