Are you looking for ways to expand your living and entertainment areas to the outdoors? Outdoor kitchens, pool surrounds, and patios with fire features can significantly benefit from a pass-through window addition. Installing a pass-through window beneath your home pergola is an excellent way to create a seamless transition between indoors and out, adding luxury and convenience.

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Pass-Through Windows Help You Stay Connected

With a pass-through window, you won’t miss a beat. Serve drinks or food from your indoor kitchen direct to your patio or grill outdoors while staying connected with friends and family socializing within your home. The area outside your pass-through window is the perfect place to integrate bar-style seating beneath the shelter of your home pergola.

Your Louvered Roof Pergola Keeps Things Dry Comfortable

Your motorized pergola is the ideal companion to your pass-through window, keeping your outdoor living space and the interior of your home comfortable and dry. Dial-in the perfect amount of shade in the summer, keeping your home cool, or open up to the sunlight on a cool winter’s day. Close louvers in a flash, keeping precipitation out of your home. Operate on the fly via remote or install rain sensors for automated response.

Which Pass-Through Window Style is Best?

  • Folding

    Folding pass-through windows offer the largest openings, up to 52 feet. Windows sections fold and stack within the window space. Some styles split in the middle, stacking to either side, while others stack to a single side.

  • Sliding

    Sliding pass-through windows slide to the side, offering a smaller opening width than folding styles. However, these windows don’t protrude, making them an ideal solution for tight spaces. Quad configurations, which feature four panels, can span up to 14 feet wide.

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Design Tips for Your Pergola Covered Pass Through Window

A variety of window styles exist to complement your home and custom pergola’s architectural style. No matter what aesthetics you choose, consider:

  • Laminated impact glass

    Laminated glass may be required by code in some areas, where high winds, hail, and other environmental hazards create a greater risk of damage.

  • Soundproofing

    If traffic or outdoor noise infiltrating the interior space is a concern, integrating soundproofing options into your window may be a worthy investment.

  • A low-profile or recessed sill

    Windows with this feature are designed to sit flush with your countertop, so you can more easily slide drinks and large trays of food across.

  • Pest protection

    Integrating motorized pergola screens into your custom aluminum pergola design keeps pests at bay.

  • Climate control

    Outfitting your residential pergola with ceiling fans and built-in patio heaters ensures comfort indoors and out year-round.

Open up your view and add function to your outdoor living area with a pergola-covered pass-through window. Contact StuXure Denver to schedule a design consultation today.

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