Grilling out while family and friends enjoy the pool is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, these activities may not be enough for some guests. Luckily, electronic entertainment is easily – and surprisingly, inexpensively – added to your outdoor space.

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Outdoor Patio Ideas for Value-Added Entertainment

Host the big game, a regularly-scheduled family movie night, or simply keep the kids from whining with the help of one of these easily-integrated outdoor theater solutions… The 1-2 Punch: Projection Screen + Projector

  • Projection Screens
    Now you see it… Now you don’t! Inexpensive pop-up or fold-out screens offer fast and flexible functionality. Look for those specifically designed for outdoor use to reduce molding and discoloration. Screens should be thick for added durability in windy weather, and textured to prevent hot-spotting. Opt for black masking borders to improve contrast.
  • Projectors
    Though not made to reside outside, portable projectors are easy to tote back and forth, featuring built-in DVD players and convenient speakers. Prices and selection on online retailers are shockingly affordable. Just be sure to lean-on well-reviewed products.
  • Outdoor TVs
    A light drizzle or a simple hose squirt can rapidly ruin a standard TV. Weather-resistant outdoor varieties such as those manufactured by Sunbrite, Peerless, Skyview and Seura can stand up to the rigors of rain and snow. Install with a fully articulating mount to better work around glare and allow for viewing via multiple patio locales. Size matters – anything smaller than 4-inch may be too small to view due to viewer proximity in outdoor living settings – so go big outside your home.
  • Added Audio
    Though most outdoor TVs boast built-in speakers, external add-ons will sound much better, allowing you to broadcast throughout your entire outdoor living space over crickets, traffic, and your neighbor’s noisy dog. Options abound here as well, from rock-like outdoor speakers to portable Bluetooth speakers and sound bars.

Creature Comforts

Anyone who has watched a flat screen TV is no stranger to eye-straining glare. Thus, your outdoor theater setup will still require some protection from the elements for optimal viewing. To avoid watching through raindrops and squinting against glare, StruXure aluminum pergolas offer an impressive shelter option, with 170-degrees of pivoting flexibility to fight the negative effects of sunlight and seal out rain from any outdoor entertainment endeavor. Adjust to the perfect louver angle to guard against glare, or add privacy screens or curtains to create the perfect, cinema-like environment.

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