This article was originally published on August 17, 2017 and updated on October 14, 2023 Cooking on the grill and dining outdoors while enjoying time with family and friends is a lot of fun, but in today’s world of on-demand entertainment, it may not be enough for some people. Fortunately, you can easily and inexpensively integrate electronic entertainment into your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Electronic Additions to Banish Boredom

Host weekly games, start the tradition of family movie night, or simply keep the kids (and the occasional adult) from whining with the help of these electronic boredom busters designed for the outdoors:

    • Projector screens
      Pop-up, fold-out, and blow-up projector screens are inexpensive and easy to take out and store. Look for options specifically designed for outdoor use to reduce mold and discoloration. Textured materials prevent hot spots, and black or masking borders improve contrast. Thick screens ensure a sturdy background and smooth visuals in the wind.


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  • Outdoor projector
    Outdoor projectors are built for outdoor use but can’t be permanently left outside. Fortunately, they’re portable and easy to tote. Look for models with built-in DVD players, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and speakers. You don’t have to spend much for a quality unit – but opting for those with top reviews ensures lasting use.
  • Outdoor flatscreen TV
    Unlike standard TVs that quickly break down with exposure to humidity and heat, outdoor TVs built by manufacturers like Skyview, Sunbrite, Seura, and Peerless withstand the rigors of rain, snow, and sunlight. You can easily integrate them into your StruXure mechanical louvered pergolas. Larger models ensure adequate visibility. Pairing with a fully articulating mount allows you to navigate glare and change the viewing angle to reach multiple patio locales.
  • Outdoor speakers or sound system
    Though most outdoor TVs and projection systems offer built-in speakers, external stereo add-ons provide far superior sound and a more immersive viewing experience. Like flatscreens, you can easily integrate speakers and sound bars into your motorized pergola system design or add them to your landscape, choosing options camouflaged as rocks, planters, lanterns, and more.

Essential Creature Comforts for the Outdoor Entertainment Area

Anyone who’s watched TV or perused a mobile device outdoors knows how annoying glare can be. No matter your screen style preference, you’ll need protection from the elements for optimal viewing. A pergola with a louvered roof is the perfect way to combat glare. With an aluminum pergola with louvers, you can adjust slats up to 170 degrees, dialing in the ideal angle and amount of shade, or close louvers for protection in rain or snow. Motorized privacy screens and curtains offer added protection from glare as the sun’s angle changes, sealing out rain and snowflakes and allowing you to create the perfect, cinema-like environment.


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