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Backyard Trends

2022 Backyard trends

Patio Ideas / April 25, 2022

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Are you thinking of adding to your outdoor living space or refreshing your existing patio or deck design? Gain inspiration from these 2022 patio trends.

Functional Outdoor Living Additions 

Due to COVID quarantining and the need to fit work and school alongside family life within the home, incorporating added, usable square footage is high on the trend list. What type of spaces are people adding? 

  • Outdoor living rooms

Bring the indoors out with cushy, weatherproof furniture outfitted with blankets and pillows, tables for snacks, and an outdoor TV, quickly adding multifunctional square footage to your cramped home.

  • Outdoor kitchens

If you can’t eat out – eat outdoors! Fill your kitchen with a mini-fridge, grill, and fun additions like a pizza oven, turning food prep and al fresco dining into a daily family event.

  • Outdoor workspace

Transform an unused patio, terrace, or balcony space into a quiet, outdoor workspace where you can relax and focus without interruptions. 

  • Outdoor escape

We all need some space sometimes. From book nooks to secret gardens, giving your family someplace to get away has become a necessity in the COVID era. 


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 Natural, Minimalist Design

Clean, simple lines and the ‘less is more’ motif allow your surrounding landscape to shine. Less busy, lightly dressed outdoor spaces with whitewashed or natural wood finishes take your deck out of the limelight. Soft, earthy shades of greens, blues, and neutrals put Mother Nature center stage.

Eclectic, Boho Styles

For those looking to add a little fun and excitement to their outdoor design, Boho is back. This lively, eclectic style is a great way to evoke joy and express yourself with a mishmash of colors, textures, and patterns - from items in your environment to those you’ve collected while traveling.

Sustainable Selections 

With climate issues front-and-center, eco-friendly solutions have never been more popular – or necessary. Sustainability is king, from recycled plastic and poly-rattan to natural materials like reclaimed wood and bamboo. Rather than disposable options, homeowners are looking to lasting solutions with a smaller environmental footprint that will create less waste. 

Outdoor Climate Control 

Today’s weather extremes make climate control a must for a functional patio or deck. How are homeowners taking control of their outdoor living environments?

  • Residential pergolas

Adjustable louvered pergolas like the StruXure Pivot 6 and Cabana X allow you to make use of outdoor rooms year-round. Access to sunlight, shade, and rain protection is just a click away. Louvers adjust up to 170-degrees, providing the perfect setting as temperatures change throughout the day and from season to season.

  • Ceiling fans

The wind chill effect created by ceiling fans makes you feel up to 7 degrees cooler – even more so when combined with shade protection from your home pergola.

  • Evaporative coolers

Energy-efficient swamp coolers blow fresh air through wet filter pads, using the science of evaporation to provide cooling comfort.

  • Screening

Motorized screens offer cooling shade from the brutal summer sun, cut frigid winter winds, and block precipitation.

  • Gas fire pits and tables

Ambiance and warmth with the click of a button. What more could you ask for? 

  • Infrared patio heaters

Directional heat from infrared patio heaters, when installed as part of your home pergola design, create warmth like the sun’s rays. They offer the perfect solution for outdoor spaces that cannot contain heat. 

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting 

Adding lighting can dramatically transform any outdoor space, whether it’s built-in task lighting on your aluminum pergola, color-changing strip lights surrounding the pergola roof, or decorative string and fairy lights for ambiance.


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Modular Furniture

Easily repositionable, modular furniture you can reconfigure on the fly offer versatility. Options like modular sectionals and furnishings that double in function - like seating/tables or seating/storage - make it easy to change the look of your space on the fly and manage your changing needs.

Fancy Cookery

Bye-bye box store grill-on-wheels – hello built-in grill, flat-top, cooktop, wood-fired pizza oven, and wet bar. Spaces to prepare food and drinks while entertaining are in big demand this year.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a great way to add greenery to even the tiniest, most barren patio or yard.

Turn your backyard from “blah” to “beautiful” with these backyard trends. Refresh your yard with help from StruXure of Denver design experts. Contact us at 303-505-6669 to uncover new ways to use your space today.



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