Is it time to update your outdoor living space? Keep your patio design fresh with these tips from outdoor living pros on what to expect in backyard trends for 2024.

Luxury Outdoor Living Designs Are Hot Backyard Design Trends

Home and business owners are repurposing unused green space to take advantage of the enjoyment and health benefits of spending time outdoors. Unlike the box store furnishings and off-the-rack shelters previously relied on in years past, today’s backyard trends on luxe outdoor living, with a higher level of detail, custom, high-quality furnishings, and smart bioclimatic shelter.

Versatile Patio Shelter

Fixed roof patio shelters are taking a back seat to versatile adjustable louvered roof systems. With the click of a remote button, smartphone programming, or the help of integrated weather sensors, louvers adjust, providing sun, shade, and drip-free rain protection on demand. These new high-tech louvered roof systems serve as the lynchpin of outdoor living design and function, blurring the lines between indoors and out and allowing people to spend time outdoors while enjoying indoor creature comforts.


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Outdoor Lighting

Bye-bye cobweb-covered porch light – hello, integrated lighting. Dimmable, built-in LED pergola lighting, color-changing strip lights, and solar pathway lighting allow you to set the perfect ambiance for any activity and extend outdoor enjoyment.

Eco-Conscious Furnishings

Environmental concerns continue to drive trends towards responsibly sourced furnishings. Patio items that are well-designed, locally made, created from recycled materials, and durable are taking center stage. StruXure pergolas are at the forefront of sustainable design, manufactured at nearby US facilities from recycled aluminum. They’re built to last a lifetime and are recyclable. Solar operation and mindful louver adjustment help control heat gain/loss in attached structures, helping shrink carbon footprint.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens, one of the biggest backyard trends that pays dividens encourage family togetherness and provide the space to incorporate niche culinary features not possible indoors, like a grill, smoker, rotisserie, griddle, or pizza oven. Integrating countertops and storage, an outdoor refrigerator, and a sink reduces tiresome trips indoors, allowing you to immerse yourself in the outdoor experience.

Garden Dining Areas

Turn fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers, and native plants into a design centerpiece. Dining areas built around landscaping, including a small freestanding pergola perfectly sized for a bistro set, offer a place to relax and enjoy a beverage or meal while taking in nature. Observe birds, bees, and butterflies among native pollinators, take in the smell of fragrant flowers or herbs, tickling your toes on drought-tolerant ground cover and greenery placed between permeable pavers on pathways to and from your home.

Outdoor Fire Features

Nothing beats the coziness and light of a flickering flame. Fire features make an ideal focal point for any outdoor space, offering inviting warmth day and night. Many styles, from tiny tabletop fire pits to gas firepit tables and large fireplace centerpieces, allow for easy integration into any size patio design.

Poolside Retreat

Offer a tempting summer escape from digital devices with a pergola-covered plunge pool and lounging area. Integrate a patio kitchen and bar with an outdoor refrigerator for storing cool beverages and snacks, providing the perfect place to connect with family, friends, and neighbors in real life.


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Multi-Use Spaces

There’s a growing backyard trend for solutions for small outdoor spaces. Unused real estate offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate multifunctional square footage for a variety of activities. Create a pergola-covered patio that resembles an open layout living area, featuring an outdoor kitchen and dining space next to a relaxation area, or designate zones for dining, exercising, relaxing, and working, adding usable space for less than an indoor addition.

Multifunctional Furniture

Modular, multifunctional furniture helps maximize the use of available square footage and allows you to quickly adapt to changes in activities, from summer family barbecues to intimate fall fireside gatherings.

Cohesive Outdoor Décor

Coordinating garden sculptures, wall art, flowerpots, outdoor rugs, cushions, and throws in varied patterns and textures that enliven the senses, from bold solids to lively, vibrant patterns, create an inviting atmosphere. Warm color palettes featuring cheerful, warm hues are on trend, like Pantone’s Color of the Year Peach Fuzz and coordinating shades of rusty reds, chocolate browns, and burnished oranges.

Turn Your Backyard from Blah to Beautiful

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