Are you looking for a unique fire feature? Today’s options are anything but cookie-cutter, giving you tremendous potential to transform the look of your yard. Warm-up to the latest designs in backyards fire features, adding a distinctive flair to your home with a fire pit, fire bowl, fire table, fire column, chimenea, or stunning fire/water feature combination.

Which Unique Fire Feature Best Suits Your Home?

Fire features are a popular addition in outdoor livings spaces. You can find them in every shape, size, and style imaginable, from traditional wood burners to modern gas options. 

Fire Tables
Fire tables combine the function of a fire pit with the convenience of a table, adding both form and function to your deck or patio. They are typically gas or electric, housing a small fire in the middle surrounded by a perimeter of table space. 

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Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are slightly different from traditional fire pits. As their name suggests, they are bowl-shaped, housing fire media and flames within. They are generally smaller and more lightweight than fire pits, and easily moveable for use where and when needed. Fire bowls come in an infinite number of styles and sizes. They are an excellent solution for areas that restrict fire pits and fireplaces. They are self-contained, conforming to most regulations.

Fire Columns

Fire columns combine the features of fire pits and fire bowls into a stylish, space-saving package. Most are gas/propane powered.

Fire Urns

FIre urns resemble a miniature fire bowl with an urn shape. They are typically gas-powered housing a small propane tank within.


Chimeneas are common in the southwest but are growing in popularity across North America. Formed from traditional terracotta or metal, gas and wood-burning chimeneas resemble a small, portable fireplace, featuring a small hearth at the front with an opening at the top. This design maximizes heat at ground level, directs smoke upward, and prevents rain from dampening flames.

Fire/Water Features

Are you looking for a truly standout feature? Modern technology now allows for the combination of gas and water features. These not only offer warmth and comfort but make for a statement centerpiece in your backyard design. Many are customizable with the help of your contractor, allowing you to create the perfect feature for your style and space.

Protecting Your Fire Feature

It is wise to protect your fire feature from the elements, especially rain and snow, which can put an abrupt end to your time fireside. Fortunately, you can protect your unique fire feature addition and ensure outdoor enjoyment with a StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola. StruXure aluminum pergolas are fire feature friendly, providing ample ventilation and a fire-safe design.

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StruXure pergolas allow you to take advantage of your outdoor living space in any weather, allowing you to adjust louvers to bask in the sun’s warmth, or quickly close them for shade and precipitation protection. Take advantage of rain and snow-sensing technology for automatic operation, or adjust louvers conveniently with remote or smartphone operation.

Spice up your outdoor design with a unique fire feature and a StruXtue adjustable aluminum pergola. Warm-up to outdoor living with the help of StruXure Denver today.

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