How can you create a more comfortable outdoor living space you want to spend time in? An inviting backyard space is just a few steps away. Create a more enjoyable environment, transforming even the most lackluster space with these outdoor upgrades.

Step 1 – Add a Patio or Deck

Add a wood deck or section of pavement to define your outdoor living area. These hard surfaces are easier to maintain, providing a level, firm surface for outdoor furnishings like tables and chairs. Even a small space for a bistro set adds ambiance and function. Plan carefully in advance, ensuring the support and space you need for any porch or patio additions. Lift decking or pavement to the same level as your home for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.

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Step 2 – Give Your Space Purpose

Your porch or patio should reflect your family’s interests, giving you a space to enjoy together. The options are nearly limitless, from a small bistro dining space to an outdoor kitchen, entertainment area, or game room. Can’t decide? Divide your backyard into zones, incorporating multiple features.

Step 3 – Invest in Comfortable, Durable Furnishings

Bring the comforts of the indoors to your outdoor space, choosing high-quality, durable furnishings. Cushy chairs and plush sectionals upholstered with UV and water-resistant fabric, alongside tables and ottomans featuring weather-resistant teak, aluminum, and powder-coated steel, are ideal choices.

Step 4 – Incorporate Versatile Shelter

Create a backyard space that functions beautifully in any weather with a custom louvered pergola system. StruXure aluminum pergolas allow you to make the most of your time outdoors. Adjust louvers to the ideal amount of shade, close louvers tightly for protection against the rain, or open louvers fully, enjoying full sky views and the sun’s warmth. StruXure home pergolas respond at the touch of a button, operating by remote control of mobile device.

Step 5 – Accessorize

Customize your adjustable pergola with accessories that allow you to extend your outdoor enjoyment into the evening and throughout the year, including:

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  • Built-in recessed lighting for shorter fall and winter days.
  • Ceiling fans for hot summer afternoons.
  • Infrared heaters for crisp winter nights.
  • Motorized pergola screens for pest control, privacy, and UV protection.
  • Rain or wind sensors for on-demand response to changing weather.

Create a more comfortable, enjoyable outdoor space with StruXure residential pergolas. Schedule a complimentary design consultation with Denver Pergola Systems today.

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