Are you missing out on the benefits of shade screen protection? Adding retractable screens to your pergola design can help you deflect winds, rain, snow, and glare from the sun, ensuring a more comfortable, inviting outdoor living space year-round. StruXure louvered pergola systems are designed for the easy integration of motorized screens, helping you to deflect unwelcome weather quickly and easily with the flick of a button.

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Why Add Motorized Screens to Your Pergola Design?

The louvered roof of your pergola offers versatile protection, guarding you against rain and giving you access to sunshine or shade depending on weather conditions. Due to its open nature, however, many homeowners enjoy the addition of retractable screens for extra protection against winds, rain, snow, and glare from the sun.

How Does Screening Block Winds, Rain, Snow & Glare?

  • Small screen openings limit the strength of high winds.
    While air and light breezes can easily pass through screening, the small openings of screens propel high winds in other directions.
  • Screening breaks up rain droplets.
    When rain hits mesh screening material, it is broken up into smaller droplets. The majority of water slides downward, leaving only a light mist to penetrate just within the confines of the screen.
  • Screen webbing obstructs snow.
    Snow builds up on screen webbing, forming an impenetrable shell.
  • Solar screen blocks heat and glare.
    Solar screen blocks heat and glare before it enters your patio space and home, reducing glare and heat buildup.

Additional Benefits of Screening

While shielding you and your family from wind, rain, snow, and glare are essential benefits of integrating motorized screens into your residential pergola design, screening offers many additional outdoor living comfort advantages.

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  • Closing the louvers on your pergola and engaging your screens can help keep nuisance flies and mosquitos out of your outdoor living area.
  • Motorized screens can combat glare from the setting or rising sun, allowing you to see your TV or mobile device better.
  • Screening helps block UV heat and radiation, keeping your outdoor space cooler and helping you reduce air conditioning costs in your home.
  • Screening gives you a touch of extra privacy in environments where passersby and neighbors are nearby. 

Keep the view and ensure protection too. Learn more about adding retractable screens to your StruXure pergola design. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.

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