How Do Motorized Pergola Screens Compare to Fixed Screens?

Are you considering the addition of screens to your custom aluminum pergola design? Motorized pergola screens offer many of the advantages of fixed screens, with some obvious – and other unexpected – differences in function. Read on to discover what sets traditional fixed screening systems apart from their modern, motorized counterparts.

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Unlike fixed screens, incorporating retractable screens as part of your louvered pergola system design gives you the flexibility to easily slide screens out of the way in the fall, winter, and spring when pests are less active, and sunlight is a benefit, not a burden. Simply roll screens up in cooler weather, opening your louvers to revel in the sun’s warmth while enjoying a clear, unobstructed view of your surroundings.


Retractable screens are capable of spanning span wider openings without support, offering more expansive views. They are only visible when you need them, storing out of sight when not in use. Use them to unite or delineate space in your zoned pergola system design, sliding them into place to create walls or rolling them away to create a large, open area with the click of a button.

UV Protection & Shade

Like fixed screens, retractable screens deliver UV protection and minimize the sun’s glare. Roll them into place when the weather warms, incorporating shade and UV protection. Reduce glare on laptops, mobile device screens, and outdoor TV screens, ensuring your outdoor space is flexible enough for work or play.

Pest Protection

In the summer, screens are necessary to ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience. Like fixed screens, motorized pergola screens allow you to enjoy the view of your yard in the summer without being assaulted by pesky flies, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. Unlike fixed screens, when insect season is over, they’re easily rolled out of sight.

Comfort Control

Both fixed and retractable pergola screens reduce the infiltration of UV light in the hot summer months. This keeps your patio space and attached structures, such as your home, cooler, reducing energy costs. In the winter months, screens also cut wind, keeping you more comfortable, particularly when paired with infrared patio heaters.

Kids and Pets

Unlike fixed screens, motorized screens will not contain children and pets. It is easy for them to push beneath screens.

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Storage & Removal

Though most fixed screens are permanent, some systems do offer the ability for disassembly and storage. However, this can be quite the hassle, requiring hours of labor and a safe storage space for panels. In contrast, incorporating motorized screens as part of your adjustable aluminum pergola system makes sliding screens out of sight a snap. Simply roll them up and away with the touch of a button – no labor or offsite storage required!

Cost Differences Between Fixed and Motorized Screens

Motorized screens do cost more than fixed screens. However, many homeowners feel the versatility they offer is well worth the additional expense.

Maximize use of your porch or patio, incorporating motorized pergola screens into your home pergola design. Learn how to create a flexible, functional outdoor space with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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