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Pergolas Among Hot New Trends in Restaurant & Hospitality

Commercial Pergolas / November 6, 2018

commercial adjustable pergolaLooking for new ways to maximize your outdoor real estate? Among the hottest new trends in the resort and hospitality market, commercial pergolas deliver. Offering guests a more comfortable outdoor seating option to stay, relax, socialize, and spend at your establishment, Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas extend outdoor seating year-round, providing protection from inclement weather, shelter from the sun, or opening to increase ventilation and reveal beautiful sky views.

A Hot Feature at Leading Restaurant and Hospitality Trade Shows

When experienced in exhibits for commercial architects, designers, and developers, hoteliers, hospitality entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, and product suppliers, Arcadia adjustable roofs generate amazing feedback. A favored exhibit, it’s easy to see first-hand the appeal of dining and relaxing under the Arcadia and the benefits an adjustable louvered roof system presents. Professionals leave impressed with the technology and design of the system, particularly when under the automobile sunroof-style prowess of the Arcadia Slide.

Maximum Return on Investment With A Pergolas

Engineered to adapt to all types of weather conditions from rain and heavy snow to high winds, sun, and brutal seaside weather, the one-of-a-kind luxury of Arcadia louvered roofs make a low-maintenance addition to any business, offering additional usable space, increasing guest ticket prices, and offering options for rental space for private events such as business meetings, holiday parties, weddings, and more, providing a rapid return on investment.

Perfect for an Array of Hospitality Settings

Offering a controlled outdoor environment complete with customized options such as built-in lighting, fans, and patio heaters, Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas are perfect for…

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Entryways
  • Balconies
  • Verandas
  • Lanais
  • Courtyards
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Swimming & Spa Areas

Customized to Seamlessly Blend Into Your Architecture or Outdoor Setting

Available in single and multi-zone systems in any size, Arcadia pergolas can be custom designed to your exact requirements no matter how unique or eccentric, offering an array of options to match your architecture or blend into any outdoor setting. Choose from customized colors, faux wood wrap, decorative columns, and custom end cuts, alongside functional features to keep guests comfortable and relaxed, regardless of weather, such as motorized screens and solar shades, privacy curtains/walls, built-in decorative lighting, and outdoor cooling and heating options from simple ceiling fans and patio heaters to impressive water and fire features.

Looking for a cure for the hospitality blahs? Add some excitement to your venue with an adjustable aluminum pergola with all the trimmings from Denver Pergola Systems today.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space More… With An Adjustable Louvered Pergola!

Do you have an under-used, uncovered patio that is either too hot when you want to use it, or gets too much rain or snow to be functional? The Adjustable Louvered Pergola System has you covered – or uncovered! Unlike a retractable awning or wooden structure with fixed slats that give partial shade, but no rain protection, this aluminum pergola system can offer full sun, partial to full shade, or shelter thanks to its ingeniously designed adjustable louvered roof system.

Colorado's Exclusive Builder Of Arcadia Roof Systems

Aluminum Pergola
The Benefits of a Denver Pergola System

Tame Unrelenting Sunshine with Ease

The thick louvers are easily adjustable with either a motor and remote or a manual opener, providing just the right amount of shade regardless of the sun's position, allowing you to comfortably enjoy more time outdoors.

Repel Rain

The specially designed louvers offer full protection from the rain, interlocking when closed to provide a watertight cover with a gutter that channels rainfall exactly where you want it.

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