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Professional Pergola Design

Marlows Tavern commercial pergola

At Denver Pergola, we recognize that sometimes it’s hard to envision how to turn an underused outdoor space into a vibrant, useful part of your commercial establishment. That’s why we’re proud to offer a professional pergola design  for our Arcadia Products. We’ll help you create an outdoor space that suits your business. We do this in two ways.

Beginning the Pergola Design Process

We’ll talk about your ideas for your outdoor space and what your end goals are. Then we’ll show you how to refine those ideas to fit your space. Outdoor spaces can be as varied as the establishment themselves. We have pergola designs to cover entrance ways, patios, verandas and much more. The owner of a restaurant wants to serve more customers. The question is how do you best utilize your outdoor space to fit in more people while keeping an enticing ambiance? You’ll need to manage details such as keeping servers moving efficiently. At the same time, the outdoor space should provide an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere so customers repeatedly return and talk to their friends about you.

The manager of country club may have a different idea entirely. They’re interested in giving their guests a consistently usable space no matter what the weather so that parties can go on without the frantic move inside. The idea is to design the outside area to make it comfortable and protected from the elements all year long and consistently incorporate it as a part of your business revenue.

Once our consultants have helped you refine your ideas, it’s time to help you consider which Arcadia product works best for your situation. All Denver Pergola’s Arcadia pergolas pivot to allow just the right amount of sun, shade and breeze. You can keep them simple or fully customize them to meet any outdoor shelter need. With fully integrated smart technology these pergolas can be operated manually, with a remote or with a smart phone app. They can be heated or cooled for continuous use from spring to fall or have a ceiling fan for that lazy summer day atmosphere. Looking for an intimate space? Add soft, accent lighting. Wanting to enjoy the outdoors but have a meeting in privacy? Retracting solar shades or privacy curtains will work for you. Finally, we’ll show you how to suit your style with custom columns, colors, wood wraps and end cuts.

Having professional design consultants to help you realize your dreams is just another example of Denver Pergolas commitment to their customers. Contact us at 303 550-4024 or