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Covered Patios For Commercial Buildings

Properly decked out, covered patios can seriously boost your bottom line, increasing revenue with additional usable outdoor seating that is more predicable, and extending hours for the day or for the season by meeting scheduling and weather-related fluctuations. First impressions, however, are essential. To keep customers coming back for more, patios must be comforting and inviting, lest the average tab plummet and repeat customers drop off the radar.

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Umbrellas Aren’t Enough

Lost revenue from unused outdoor seating or customers fleeing weather can cost a restaurant thousands a day. To create a usable space your customers and business can depend on, seating must be comfortable no matter the season. Durable, flexible shelter is key, a solution that offers not only shade from the sun, but shelter from winds, snow, and rain, and access to warmth when need be. Anything less will detract from the outdoor dining experience, costing you customers and revenue. Honestly, would you stick around if it meant battling friends or family for the last sliver of shelter from the sweltering sun or drenching rain under the Lilliputian confines of an umbrella?

Arcadia Can Handle It All

What if you could employ a patio solution that not only offered customers an alternative to long wait times and shelter from inclement weather, but actually served to draw business in thanks to its ambiance? All this and more is possible with the nearly endless solutions Arcadia adjustable pergolas deliver: Shade and shelter in seating areas when customers need it, that won’t block Denver’s beautiful weather when they don’t. Simply adjust your pergola with the touch of a button or pre-program settings with smart device-driven iTouch technology, providing complete rain protection, fending off pests with motorized screens, dialing-in just the right amount of sun with the louvered pergola’s 170 degree range of motion, or wowing patrons with your sliding pergola’s panoramic view (courtesy of the Arcadia Slide).

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Revolutionize your outdoor seating and your business

With the latest in pergola technology for covered patios. Add function and ambiance day and night with fully customizable single or multi-zone systems perfectly sized for your site and customized for your architectural design. Uncover new possibilities with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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