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The Canopy Effect of a Pergola: Increased Revenue

Do you own a restaurant or bar? Do you run a an open-air venue? For a commercial establishment, a pergola can function like an outdoor canopy providing all the charm and beauty of the outdoors and all the convenience and function of the indoors.

Louvered Canopy of a Pergola Increases Your Seating Capacity

Increase your revenue by taking that neglected outdoor area and turning it into added space for customers. Your square footage immediately increases without an expensive remodel. The overhead louvered canopy of the pergola shelters your customers and allows you to control the amount of sun and shade they receive while creating an attractive outdoor space.

Putting your customers on an uncovered deck or even a patio with tables and umbrellas still subjects them to sun, wind, and rain. A pergola protects them from the elements. Ambiance is created. Previous customers return. New customers come in. A pergola also extends the seasons, providing an earlier start time in the spring and a later closing in the fall. All these changes add revenue.

Covering Any Outdoor Space with a Pergola Converts it into a Striking Addition

All Arcadia pergolas come with louvers that slide, pivot and adjust. They can be freestanding or attached to an existing structure. Customize these pergola systems with design, color, and finish. They can be high tech with systems accessible by remote or phone or low tech with manual controls. They can be used in a small single area such as an outdoor entrance or in an area as big you want with multiple, continuous zones that can be operated independently. Any size or type of pergola will enhance an outdoor space.

Utilize your outdoor space to the fullest. Shelter your customers. Control the amount of sun and shade they receive. Create a space customers will enjoy, remember, tell their friends and colleagues about. Maximize your profits. All this with the overhead canopy protection of a Denver custom pergola!