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Backyard Trends

2022 Backyard trends

Patio Ideas / April 25, 2022

Are you thinking of adding to your outdoor living space or refreshing your existing patio or deck design? Gain inspiration from these 2022 patio trends. Functional Outdoor Living Additions  Due to COVID quarantining and the need to fit work and school alongside family life within the home, incorporating added, usable square footage is high on […]

Tips For the Perfect Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

        Homes that make a great first impression get more attention and sell for more than those with uninspiring exteriors. If your home isn’t living up to its potential, buyers may not even look inside. Fortunately, there are many ways to enhance your yard and add curb appeal to your home, gaining positive […]

StruXure Pergola’s Unique Gutter System

StruXure Pergola Gutter System

Gutters and downspouts direct water away from your home, transporting it out to the surrounding landscape – when they’re not obstructed. Leaves and debris naturally collect within gutter systems over time, clogging drainage channels and causing water to cascade down the side of your pergola. Leaks and drips from above and puddles of water underfoot, […]

Adjustable Pergolas Vs. Fixed Roof

Adjustable Pergolas by StruXure of Denver

Fixed and adjustable roof pergolas offer the perfect solution to maximizing outdoor enjoyment. They provide much-needed shade and shelter while allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Which style of home or commercial pergola is best for your outdoor space? When comparing adjustable pergolas vs. fixed roof pergolas, consider these factors.   […]

How You Can Create a Stress-Free Backyard Oasis

Backyard Oasis by StruXure of Denver

Patio Ideas / April 4, 2022

This article was published on 8/ 02/2018 and updated on  4/4/2022 Are you looking for ways to create a more relaxing home environment? Turn your backyard into a stress-free oasis where you can sit back and relax with these outdoor living ideas for creating the ultimate chill zone.  Private Backyard Bistro Enjoy wine and dine […]

Be Healthier, Spend More Time Outside

This article was published on 7/11/2018 and updated on 3/29/2022  Are you looking for ways to improve your health by spending more time outside? There’s never been a better time to splurge on outdoor living space. Many would argue high stress, crazy COVID ups and downs, and the need to reconnect with other forms of […]

Instead of Eating Out, Eat Outside!

This article was published on 7/16/2018   and updated on 3/22/2022 Are you one of the many families shying away from indoor restaurant dining due to an ever-bloating food budget and COVID concerns? Even before rising inflation drove restaurant menu pricing to record levels, eating out cost a pretty penny, especially for those feeding a family. […]

Spring Cleaning The Yard Tips


  This article was published on 5-2-2018    and updated on  3-15-2022  Warmer weather is right around the corner – is your yard ready to host outdoor activities? Now is the time to prep your outdoor living space for fair weather. Get cleaning and setup out of the way so you can sit back, relax, and […]

Get Your Outdoor Seating Ready for Summer Dining

summer dining

This article was published on 4-20-2018   and updated on 3-8-2022 Is your restaurant patio ready to handle an influx of summer diners? Warmer weather is on its way, and with it an increase in patrons looking to indulge in an alfresco dining experience. How can you get your outdoor seating area ready, creating an atmosphere […]

Pergolas Can Be Installed in Small Spaces

This article was published on  4-11-2018   and updated on 3-2-2022   Are you frustrated that your Lilliputian landscape is limiting your outdoor living options? What your teeny yard lacks in size, it can make up for in character and functionality. Even the smallest outdoor space can feel airy and expansive with a well-thought-out design. How […]

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space More… With An Adjustable Louvered Pergola!

Do you have an under-used, uncovered patio that is either too hot when you want to use it, or gets too much rain or snow to be functional? The Adjustable Louvered Pergola System has you covered – or uncovered! Unlike a retractable awning or wooden structure with fixed slats that give partial shade, but no rain protection, this aluminum pergola system can offer full sun, partial to full shade, or shelter thanks to its ingeniously designed adjustable louvered roof system.

Colorado's Exclusive Builder Of Arcadia Roof Systems

Aluminum Pergola
The Benefits of a Denver Pergola System

Tame Unrelenting Sunshine with Ease

The thick louvers are easily adjustable with either a motor and remote or a manual opener, providing just the right amount of shade regardless of the sun's position, allowing you to comfortably enjoy more time outdoors.

Repel Rain

The specially designed louvers offer full protection from the rain, interlocking when closed to provide a watertight cover with a gutter that channels rainfall exactly where you want it.

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