Is patio cover really that critical to your patio or deck design? If you live in the Denver area, that answer is a resounding yes. Strong winds, pop up thunderstorms, hail, snow, and bright, blaring high-altitude sunlight are just a few of the many weather woes outdoor enthusiasts must contend with in Colorado. How can one outdoor shade structure help you manage all that?

StruXure Aluminum Pergolas Allow You to Use Your Patio Whenever You Want

Sun, wind, rain, or snow, StruXure home pergolas have you covered. Use your deck or patio whenever you want to, without waiting for ideal weather conditions. With an adjustable pergola, you’ll no longer be at the mercy of Mother Nature.


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    • Say “See Ya” to scorching heat and blinding sun.
      At least ten times a day, our pergola design professionals hear, “Our west/south facing patio is just too hot to enjoy.” With an adjustable aluminum pergola from StruXure, you can adjust louver settings to shelter your patio at the hottest and brightest times of the day. Simply close manually or via remote for immediate protection, or adjust your home pergola on schedule from your mobile device using the iLouver app. Relax in comfort beneath integrated ceiling fans, adjusting louvers to the perfect amount of shade on hot summer afternoons.
    • Guard against UV damage.
      Prevent damage to your skin and furnishings, guarding against the harsh sunlight of the Colorado mountain region. StruXure custom built pergola designs feature an Akzo Nobel powder-coated finish, standing up to tough outdoor conditions like UV light, protecting your pergola structure, and all things beneath.
    • Take shelter from the storm.
      With StruXure louvered roof systems, you can quickly adapt to any weather. Denver area pop-up showers will never again send you running for cover – continue enjoying your outdoor space, remaining sheltered from the storm. The built-in gutter system of our louvered pergola systems provides leak-free rain protection. Adjust louvers with changing weather, or incorporate built-in rain sensors for on-demand response.
    • Stop worrying about high winds.
      Strong and durable, StruXure aluminum pergolas are built to withstand high winds, resisting hurricane-force winds with ease. No more chasing umbrellas or replacing torn fabrics, and no insurance claims for the repair or replacement of weak shade structures.

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    • Stand up to hail damage.
      The thick, structural grade aluminum comprising the structure, beams, and louvers or StruXure pergolas guards against hail damage, protecting furnishings beneath. To date, we’ve installed over 150 custom pergolas in the Colorado region, without a single system suffering dimpling from hail.
    • Lower your energy bills and improve comfort.
      In addition to providing a more comfortable patio environment, StruXure custom built pergolas can also keep your home more comfortable, controlling heat gain through large glass patio doors and windows and lowering your energy bills.
    • Add value and curb appeal.
      StruXure louvered pergola systems are a permanent, lasting addition, increasing usable space and adding to the value and curb appeal of your home.

    Use your patio on your terms and timetable. Contact Denver Pergola Systems for a free design consultation. Learn how a StruXure pergola can solve your climate control problems, helping you maximize the use of your outdoor living space today.

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