Why do StruXure louvered pergola systems cost more? Our customers often inquire about the cost difference between StruXure residential pergola systems and our competition. However, when they take a closer look into what our custom pergola designs have to offer, the difference between our premium, cutting-edge pergolas and those of competitors becomes abundantly clear.

Quality Costs More

You could “rent” an outdoor shelter solution, replacing the same cheap, prefabricated product with a similar version year-after-year as each breaks down or becomes an eyesore – or you could purchase a lasting solution. StruXure residential pergolas are made to stand the tests of time. A lifetime investment, our custom-designed adjustable aluminum pergolas will last you 20 years or more, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of reinventing your porch or patio space every other year.

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Fully-Extruded Aluminum Lasts

Unlike cheap box store pergolas made of weaker vinyl, roll-formed aluminum, or steel, which starts corroding with the slightest scratch, our louvered pergola systems are built to last a lifetime. Featuring a thick, fully extruded, structural grade aluminum construction, they can withstand Denver’s most demanding weather conditions, and are backed by a transferrable lifetime warranty.

The Weather Protection Our Home Pergolas Offer is Unparalleled

Our aluminum pergola systems are built to stand up to:

  • Rain and snow
    The louvers on StruXure residential pergolas feature a unique profile that interlocks when closed, creating large channels that facilitate the free flow of water through the built-in 360-degree gutter system. This design prevents the cascading of rainwater off pergola edges, keeping your porch and patio as dry as possible.
  • Denting from hail
    Our metal frame pergolas won’t look like a golf ball after the first hailstorm like cheap box store alternatives. Most hailstones simply bounce right off the thick structural beams and louvers of our sturdy aluminum pergolas In fact, we’ve installed hundreds of StruXure pergolas throughout the Colorado region that have been affected by hail without a single dimple.
  • High winds
    You’ll never have to worry about strong winds like the recent derecho blasts with our sturdy home pergolas. They are specially engineered to stand up to the hurricane-force winds coastal residents endure. Open louvers and 100mph sustained winds will just blow right through.
  • UV damage and corrosion
    StruXure louvered pergolas feature a chemical-resistant, matte textured, premium AkzoNobel AAMA 2604 powder coating that resists intense UV light, high humidity, and salt.

You’ll Never Get a Better View

The wide, 6-inch louvers of our motorized pergolas offer improved views, smoothly tilting from 0 (closed) to 170 degrees (open) on demand. For those looking for more expansive vistas, we also offer a sliding roof option, which incorporates these same louvered roof sections into a panel that operates like the sunroof of a car, sliding smoothly out of sight to showcase unencumbered sky views.

Our Residential Pergolas House Technology Competitors Can’t Match

StruXure offers a variety of operating systems to meet the needs of our customers, including solar and electric systems you can operate by remote control. We also offer Somfy/iLouver smartphone app operation with optional MyLink home automation integration, including voice command. Adjust pergola settings on-demand, pre-program settings on a schedule, or incorporate optional sensors for responsive performance, including:

  • Rain sensors react to precipitation, quickly engaging to keep your patio dry.
  • Wind sensors that automatically open louvers when winds over 60mph are detected to protect the structure.
  • Snow/freeze sensors that prevent operational difficulties and damage in freezing weather.


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Customization Potential is Nearly Limitless

Bored with beige and black? Design your pergola to your exacting specifications. We offer single or multi-zone systems to fit any space or design. Choose from six standard colors (white, beige, bronze, adobe, gray, and black), custom colors, or faux-wood wrap. Incorporate architectural columns, cornice/corbel ends, caps, and bases to complement the design of your home. Outfit your pergola with built-in accessories, including:

  • Recessed lights
  • Ceiling fans
  • Infrared heaters
  • Motorized curtains and screens
  • And other fully integrated features

What makes StruXure residential pergolas different? The secret’s in the design. Come to an area showroom and see our products for yourself or contact Denver Pergola Systems today to learn more today.

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