Pergolas enhance poolside enjoyment. They are the perfect way to define your space, improve privacy and comfort, and add value to your home. Unlocking outdoor living potential with a poolside pergola requires a significant investment. Manufacturers market poolside pergola kits with the claim of helping you build a dream poolside cabana at an affordable price – but these kits leave out the devil in the details.

Poolside Pergola Kit Design Limitations

When shopping for DIY pergola kits, you’ll quickly discover your options are limited. Prefabricated pergolas come in limited sizes and design options which may put a crimp in your poolside pergola plans. Built-in technology is minimal or nonexistent – most don’t even include lights. Quality also varies widely, making use in extreme Denver weather questionable. With these limitations, daily use may be disappointing, to say nothing of long-term use. Over the long term, these kits do not offer a great return on investment.

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Do It Yourself Headaches

If you’ve painted your house or assembled a bookshelf, you may think you’re ready for poolside pergola kit construction. However, building a DIY pergola is in a league of its own. It’s easy to overlook some of the big issues presented when assembling a pergola kit, such as:

  • Permitting for pergolas
    Except for movable pergolas, permitting is required before beginning DIY poolside cabana construction.
  • Building code knowledge and compliance
    Building code requirements for poolside pergola projects are a confusing but necessary part of obtaining permitting and passing post-build compliance inspections.
  • Tools
    You will need to buy or rent all the necessary tools for this project, which go far beyond the typical hammer and cordless drill.
  • Electrical, plumbing, and masonry experience
    Digging and pouring footings for the structure, piping for pool shower and plumbing fixtures, and running electrical for lighting and ceiling fan installation requires expertise to avoid potentially dangerous mistakes.
  • Wrangling large components
    You and a few (strong and agile) friends or family members must be able to hoist large pieces of lumber or metal pergola parts while installing necessary hardware.


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Why Custom Poolside Pergolas Make More Sense

Poolside pergola kits don’t really save you money or last, and building one from scratch is more than a weekend project. Choosing the wrong model or getting caught up in DIY snafus can quickly result in money down the drain. Though professionally crafted pergolas cost more, pergola construction and design by a knowledgeable contractor is a worthy investment in your sanity, providing:

  • Permitted, code-compliant pergola installation
    StruXure Denver offers soup-to-nuts pergola construction, from design and permitting to code-compliant installation. We have the tools and experience to build pergolas that last a lifetime, withstanding sun, rain, hail, snow, and hurricane-force winds.
  • A poolside pergola built to suit your lifestyle
    We can help you craft the perfect pergola to suit your space, from small 10×10 pergolas to massive multi-zoned pergola systems. With our louvered roof design, you can dial in the ideal amount of sun, shade, or rainproof shelter, ensuring comfort in any weather.
  • Custom color and architectural design options
    StruXure aluminum pergolas are available in white, black, gray, beige, bronze, adobe, and faux wood cladding. Choose from 4-, 6-, or 8-inch posts, a variety of end cut options, or accentuate with custom columns, creating your own distinctive design.
  • Built-in accessories
    We offer a range of standard and custom accessories, from lighting, outdoor speakers, and ceiling fans to infrared heaters and motorized screens for enhanced privacy and comfort.
  • Ease of use and lasting enjoyment
    From point-and-click remote control operation to programmable smart pergola operation and weather-responsive sensors, we offer many control options that make pergola operation a breeze.

Don’t Fall Victim to Deceptive Poolside Pergola Kit Promises

When it comes to installing a poolside pergola, doing it right may cost less than doing it over. Avoid poolside pergola kit complications with professional pergola design and installation by StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to learn more or to get a quote today.

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