Are you thinking about picking up a Costco pergola for your home? Budget pergola kits may seem like a great way to save a buck – but they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Why should you avoid Costco pergolas?

Costco Pergolas Don’t Provide Reliable Weather Protection

If you browse buyer reviews, you’ll see neither Costco canvas nor Costco adjustable pergolas offer reliable weather protection. Extreme Denver rain, wind, and snow events can easily damage canvas-topped models, and customers report louvered models loosening and leaking, soaking furniture below. StruXure pergolas present none of these issues, offering high-quality construction and leak-proof precipitation protection that withstands hail, heavy snow, and hurricane-force winds. With integrated rain, wind, and freeze-sensing technology, our home pergolas respond on-demand, providing versatile, reliable, year-round shelter. 

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Costco Prefab Pergolas May Fit Poorly Into Your Landscape

To speed manufacturing and simplify instructions, Costco pergolas come in limited sizes. You may find you’re stuck cramming an overlarge pergola into a small space or settling for an undersized model that leaves you wanting for weather protection. With StruXure custom louvered pergolas, you can rest assured of a pergola perfectly designed to suit your space and make the most of every available square inch of outdoor real estate.

Costco Pergola Kits Offer Limited Design Options and Accessories

As with sizing options, design options for Costco pergolas are likewise limited to facilitate faster production and simplify assembly. If you’re lucky, you may have one or two color choices – and no built-in accessories. Fully customizable StruXure pergolas offer nearly limitless configurations and accessory options, including:

  • Affordable and portable 10×10 cabanas, customizable Pivot 6 home pergolas, or Pan 6 options for expansive zoned designs
  • White, black, beige, bronze, adobe, or gray powder coating or faux wood grain
  • Built-in recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and infrared heaters
  • Motorized screens
  • Custom cut ends and architectural columns
  • Wall-mount/handheld remote or Somfy app-driven operation with home automation compatibility
  • Weather-responsive smart sensors

Costco Pergola Kits May Present Unexpected Installation Challenges

Customer reviews for Costco pergolas note various installation challenges, from late deliveries to shipment damage and frustrating instructions. Assembling large panels requires at least three people. Some homeowners may receive permitting or HOA citations post-assembly, requiring them to remove or relocate pergolas due to zoning, setbacks, or other requirements. You’ll suffer none of these headaches with our professionally installed aluminum pergolas. We handle it for you, from permitting and manufacturing to delivery and installation, ensuring a smooth process.


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The Final Price of Costco Pergolas Could Surprise You

After adding up the cost of tools, the time necessary for safe construction, the price of compensating friends or family for help, or hiring a pro to handle assembly, you may be shocked to discover the actual cost of a prefab Costco pergola is quite expensive. Design expertise, better materials, and professional construction mean StruXure pergolas do require a higher initial investment. However, satisfied StruXure Denver customers often tell us they wished they would have invested the thousands they spent on a prefab kit into a StruXure pergola to start. And unlike prefabs, they’re built to last, backed by a transferrable lifetime warranty.

Avoid the Complications of Cookie Cutter Costco Pergolas

Improve the looks and function of your outdoor space with a pergola custom tailored to your home and lifestyle needs. Ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience year-round with an adjustable aluminum pergola from StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to schedule a design consultation or to learn more about our durable, cutting-edge home pergola solutions today.

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