Outdoor shelter brings function, beauty, and value to any home. Gazebos and pergolas are popular choices, but these two structures are often confused. What’s the difference between a gazebo and a pergola, and which is the best for you? Comparing the form and function of pergolas vs. gazebos can help you decide. 

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Gazebos: Full Coverage Outdoor Shelter

Gazebo structure
These octagon or oval-shaped freestanding shade structures are traditionally constructed of wood, featuring multiple columns and railings with partially open sides and a solid, dome-shaped roof. Gazebos may also have a wooden floor or concrete base with built-in benches for seating.

Gazebo function
Gazebos typically serve as a backyard centerpiece. They are a favorite for weddings and other outdoor celebrations, providing aesthetically pleasing outdoor shade and shelter.

Pergolas: Partial Outdoor Shelter

Pergola structure
Pergolas, which are also traditionally constructed of wood, feature a square shape with an open, lattice-style roof that lets in filtered sunlight – and rain. They are often topped with vines and plants for added shade protection. Posts provide support and define areas in larger custom pergola designs while still allowing for expansive views.

Pergola function
Pergolas offer a place to enjoy sunshine and shade. They were once tucked away in gardens, providing a private place to sit, rest, and enjoy the outdoors and surrounding landscaping. 

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Adjustable Aluminum Pergolas: On-Demand Sun, Shade, or Shelter

StruXure adjustable aluminum pergolas take the idea of pergolas but dial up the versatility. They feature an integrated louvered roof system that adjusts on demand. Turn louvers up to 170 degrees with the touch of a button, taking advantage of sun, shade, or ventilation, or close for leak-free rain protection on-demand. Unlike high-maintenance wood shelters, their fully extruded, powder-coated aluminum construction requires minimal care, withstanding rain, snow, hail, and hurricane-force winds.

Built-in accessories like lighting, ceiling fans, patio heaters, and motorized screens make them a true haven. Design versatility allows you to integrate them easily into any décor. Lightweight and customizable, they work equally well over raised decks, concrete patios, grass, or other landscaping. They can be built attached or detached from your home or other structures and offer a variety of design choices and colors, from traditional faux wood to sleek, modern design, corbel ends, and architectural columns.

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