Enjoying your outdoor space can be challenging with a fabric retractable patio cover. While this type of outdoor shelter provides sun protection and can keep you cooler, it’s of limited use in rainy, snowy, or windy conditions. Fortunately, louvered aluminum pergolas offer a more durable, versatile alternative. When should you consider upgrading your retractable patio cover?

You’d Like a More Versatile Outdoor Living Area

Denver weather can change on a dime. Adjustable pergola louvers let you manage these shifts with ease. Louver roof pergolas allow you to dial in the perfect amount of sunlight or shade to control your patio’s microclimate. When louvers are fully closed, the built-in gutter system keeps you and your furnishings comfortable and dry, transporting rain and snow melt away. Powder-coated aluminum reflects sunlight, protecting you and your furnishings from harmful UV rays. Best of all, motorized pergolas are easy to open and close, making keeping your outdoor living area comfortable from season to season a breeze. Operate your pergola by remote control, using the Somfy MyLink app from your smartphone, or by voice command through your home automation system.


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Your Retractable Patio Cover Doesn’t Deliver the Comfort You Need in Weather Extremes

Retractable canvas patio covers provide adequate sun protection but no protection against rain or snow. Wind can also put an end to them quickly, tearing the fabric or damaging the frame. When it’s hot, they provide no ventilation, and when it’s cold, you can’t use a fire pit due to smoke and potential damage from embers. Aluminum roof pergolas give you more flexibility, providing a more comfortable outdoor space in every season. Built-in accessories enhance climate control. You can enjoy an outdoor fireplace or firepit without worry, watching the snow fall under the protection of your louvered pergola, which can easily manage Denver snow loads. Integrated motorized screens offer enhanced protection against wind while still facilitating airflow. In the summer, screens provide shade protection, while built-in ceiling fans keep you cool. No more getting chased indoors by the weather!

You’re Tired of Patio Awning Maintenance and Repair

Fabric patio covers last 10-15 years on average, but neglect cuts their lifespan in half. Rain, wind, dirt, leaf buildup, bird droppings, and lack of cleaning can cause tears, leaks, mold growth, and stains. Frequent maintenance and repair may be required to keep them from looking old and distorted. Upgrading to a more durable, all-weather patio shelter offers hope for those weary of keeping up with canvas cleaning and replacement. Though a higher initial investment, aluminum pergolas provide a better value in the long run. StruXure aluminum pergolas withstand Denver rainstorms, hurricane-force winds, and heavy snow loads. Integrated rain sensors keep your outdoor living area dry, while wind and freeze sensors provide on-demand adjustment, protecting your pergola from weather-related damage. Plus, they’re incredibly low maintenance and easy to clean with a hose or damp cloth, keeping your yard looking its best.


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Your Patio Area Isn’t Big Enough

Retractable awnings and fabric-covered pergolas come in limited sizes due to structural instability. An aluminum pergola offers nearly limitless options if you’re yearning for more space. StruXure provides an array of colors, customization options, and accessories to perfectly complement your landscape and architecture, from single to multi-zone systems custom-made to meet your precise size and design needs.

Ready to Upgrade to a Better Patio Cover?

Replace your retractable patio cover with superior shelter. Ensure an attractive, comfortable outdoor living area you can enjoy year-round with a louvered roof patio pergola. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to learn more about the advantages of an adjustable aluminum pergola today.


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