If you love to enjoy recreational time outdoors, you may dread the winter weather, feeling held captive in your home. However, with the right accessories, there’s no reason you can’t spend as much time outdoors in the cold weather as you do during warmer seasons. How can you maximize your outdoor living enjoyment on cold, short winter days?

Ensure Shelter

Shelter is a pivotal feature of a winter-ready outdoor space. StrucXure makes it easy to enjoy the wide variety of weather the winter has to offer. With the press of a button, you can quickly open the louvers of your StrucXure adjustable aluminum pergola to take-in rare mild, sunny winter days. When weather changes to the gray days of winter, adjust louvers to limit wind, sealing louvers tight for fast protection against the unexpected appearance of freezing rain or snow, continuing to enjoy your outdoor escape.

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Imbue Warmth

You can make any environment warm and hospitable with a distinctive fire feature . Fire features are such a coveted addition, they now outrank the patio grill in popularity. Choose from gas or electric fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl styles. From built-in to portable models, there are a variety of sizes and designs on the market to complement your décor.

If a shortage of space is an issue, or you simply prefer more convenient warmth, a wall-mounted patio heater, such as those by Infratech Comfort may be more your style. These slim, compact heaters install on a nearby wall or beneath your pergola, providing directional infrared heating, warming you like the sun.

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Banish the wind, keeping warmth contained on winter’s chilliest days, incorporating motorized screens and curtains into your pergola design. For additional insulation, add comforts found indoors to your outdoor space, such as soft pillows, plush blankets and throws, and rugs in warm shades of red, yellow, and orange.

Shed Light

Lighting is another integral feature of an inviting winter space, as shorter days will often leave you in the dark quite early in the evening. Pair the effective task lighting of built-in LED pot lights with elegant or festive ambient lighting, tucking curtain lights or rope lights carefully around the perimeter of your pergola for a space that is both useful and beautiful.

Add Life

Add the lively green hues of winter foliage for a warmer, more inviting outdoor space, decorating your space with winter-blooming , cold-resistant potted plants, shrubs, and evergreens.

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