Is a Trex pergola kit better for your home or business than a StruXure louvered aluminum pergola? Don’t get tempted by pre-installation pricing when deciding between Trex pergolas vs. StruXure pergolas. The devil is in the details, from installation challenges to warranty weaknesses. Careful comparison ensures lasting happiness with your investment.

Trex Aluminum Pergolas

Trex pergolas are American-made by Trex Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking. They’re sold directly to consumers/installers online and through national home improvement chains. Trex pergolas differ from StruXure pergolas in many ways:

Trex pergola – functionality

Trex pergola options include traditional open-roof styles, paneled roof systems, fixed fabric panels, and manually retractable fabric panel roofs. All pergolas styles offer ventilation and some shade protection, but none provide reliable shelter from rain or snow.

Trex pergola – customization

Trex offers freestanding and attached kits in standard and custom configurations in your choice of standard or custom colors. Decorative curves, arches, cantilevers, and angles are available to accent your design, as well as accessory options, including built-in lighting, fan blocks, and heater.

Trex pergola – durability

Trex offers aluminum and CPVC-coated aluminum pergolas but does not indicate aluminum composition or quality. Like StruXure pergolas, Trex pergolas will not warp, rot, rust, or house termites. Resistance to wind, rain, and other environmental hazards is not stipulated. CPVC-coated pergolas are of particular concern, as CPVC has a reputation for poor weathering and chemical resistance compared to powder-coated aluminum. It can also degrade/discolor with prolonged sun exposure and become brittle in freezing temperatures, which Trex warranty conditions reflect.


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Trex pergola – installation

DIY pergolas are built for DIY installation. The company does not recommend contractors, leaving HOA approval and permitting up to homeowners with the tools, skills, and manpower to accomplish the job – or money to hire an installer.

Trex pergola – warranty

Trex offers the following warranty, with many stipulations:

  • 25-year limited residential warranty or
  • 10-year limited commercial warranty

Installation deficiencies are not covered by pergola warranty, even with contractor construction. Corrosive atmospheres, damage, flood, ice, wind-born objects, oxidation, mold, and mildew are not covered. Color changes are excluded because “weathering will cause any colored surface to gradually lighten, darken, chalk, or accumulate dirt/stains.” Replacement parts may vary in color.

StruXure Louvered Pergolas

StruXure pergolas are made in America by Chicago-based AZEK Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of low-maintenance, sustainable outdoor living products. They’re brought to life and professionally installed by StruXure Denver, Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer. StruXure adjustable pergolas differ significantly from Trex pergolas:

StruXure pergolas – functionality

StruXure’s cutting-edge louver system allows you to adjust to changing weather on demand. Louvers rotate up to 170 degrees, allowing you to dial in the ideal amount of sun, shade, ventilation, or shelter. Fully close louvers and the built-in gutter system whisks water away, ensuring comfort in any weather.

StruXure pergolas – customization

StruXure offers custom-sized freestanding and attached pergolas with no maximum size. Choose from six standard colors, custom hues, or faux wood. Create a sleek minimalist design or traditional look with custom trim and columns. Control your pergola with electric or solar power by remote, the Somfy MyLink app, home automation, or integrate weather sensors for on-demand response to rain, wind, snow, and ice. Accessorize with built-in lights, fans, heaters, TVs and speakers, motorized curtains, and power outlets, ensuring 24/7/365 usable space.

StruXure pergolas – durability

StruXure pergolas feature a fully extruded aircraft-grade aluminum construction with premium AkzoNobel powder coating. They last a lifetime, withstanding harsh marine and poolside environments. StruXure pergolas meet strict Florida requirements for hurricane-force winds, resist denting from hail, and can hold heavy snow loads with louvers fully closed, channeling snow melt away.


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StruXure pergolas – installation

Unlike Trex pergolas, which put installation burdens and warranty requirements on homeowners, StruXure Denver handles everything, from permitting and HOA approval to bringing your outdoor living dream to reality. We’ve installed hundreds of motorized louvered pergolas across Denver. Our team has the experience to manage any installation issues, ensuring a smooth, timely installation process.

StruXure pergolas – warranty

StruXure offers an industry-leading warranty, including:

  • Transferable limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • 15-year warranty on structural components (posts, gutters, louvers, beams)
  • 10-year warranty on manually operated systems
  • 5-year warranty on power components

Which is Better – StruXure Pergolas or Trex Pergolas?

The bottom line is that Trex pergolas aren’t comparable to StruXure adjustable pergolas in design or quality. Trex pergola kits are a tricky beast. You could save money – or quickly lose your entire investment due to design flaws, installation deficiencies, or environmental hazards not covered by the warranty. If you install it yourself, you may encounter challenges you can’t manage. Conversely, working through a contractor could leave you with higher installation costs than you bargained for. You may realize too late that you could’ve invested better in a more durable, functional, professionally installed StruXure custom pergola.

StruXure Adjustable Pergolas Give You More

Don’t settle for less. Invest in a versatile, lasting patio shelter, creating an outdoor space you can rely on year-round in any weather. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to learn more about our luxury louvered roof systems today.


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