The location and orientation of your deck can have a tremendous impact on its functionality, making a well-designed, flexible deck shade essential to the comfort and livability of your outdoor living space design.

What Directional Dilemmas are You Battling?

Depending on which side of your home the deck is located, you will encounter specific shelter challenges…

  • North
    In general, a north-facing deck is the preferred location for your outdoor living area. If your deck is located on the north side of your home, it will receive good shade through most of the day – a boon for taking advantage of shading in the summer.

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  • South
    South-facing decks experience lower levels of daylight during parts of the year, and little or no opportunity for heat gain, which can create a damp, cold outdoor living space. Also, big storms often come in from the southerly direction, potentially increasing weather-related headaches.
  • West
    Low-angle, late afternoon sun can create overheating and excessive glare on west-facing decks, requiring vertical shading to keep you from being blinded, and your outdoor space (and home) from cooking, particularly on brutal summer afternoons. In the winter, however, west-facing decks offer a great source for taking advantage of the sun’s warmth – but this comes at a price: The constant sun exposure can take its toll on the finishes of outdoor furnishings.
  • East
    East-facing decks benefit from early morning sunlight, but remain shadier later in the day, offering cooler temperatures in the late afternoon and evening. Here, like west-facing decks, sunlight is also horizontal, however, creating an uncomfortable glare at certain times of the year.


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Ensure Comfort from Any Angle

The unique, louvered roof design of Arcadia sun shades offers the ultimate in seasonal flexibility, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor living experience. With up to 180 degrees of rotation, you can dial-in your comfort level throughout the seasons of the year – and throughout the day – quickly adapting to whatever the Denver weather has to offer. And with the Arcadia’s latest app-driven smartphone technology, you can make adjustments on-the-fly or program them automatically – from your porch or from anywhere your travels take you.

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