There are many options in the louvered roof pergola market. You may wonder which is best for your home: The Luxury Pergola Kit or StruXure adjustable louvered pergolas? In this installment, we’ll cover the similarities and differences between these two popular pergola brands so you can make the best decision for your budget and outdoor living needs.

Common Benefits of The Luxury Pergola Kit & StruXure Louvered Pergolas

StruXure Pivot 6 home pergolas and The Luxury Pergola Kit offer louvered roof systems that allow you to adjust changing weather on demand, dialing in the perfect amount of sun, shade, ventilation, or shelter. Both feature an American-made, powder-coated structure made from fully extruded aircraft-grade aluminum. The Luxury Pergola Kit’s website touts their louvers are the same thickness as StruXure pergola louvers. Like the Pivot 6, their motorized pergola kit features a built-in drainage system designed to prevent leaks and whisk water away from the pergola base. Both adjustable pergola brands are highly durable, offering wind resistance up to 145mph and 130mph for the StruXure and Luxury Pergola Kit, respectively, and the strength to withstand heavy snow loads with the louvers closed. This type of durability is rare among DIY pergola kits, many of which are manufactured overseas and of dubious quality. It’s customization potential, accessories, and warranty that set these pergola brands apart.


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Differences Between The Luxury Pergola Kit and StruXure Pergolas At-a-Glance


  • The Luxury Pergola Kit – direct-to-consumer manufacturer started as a family contracting business installing fixed-roof patio shelters for homeowners. They switched after seeing the benefits of a pergola that opens and closes, designing their own system after uncovering design flaws in adjustable pergolas from other manufacturers.
  • StruXure – StruXure entered the US market in 2009. Its unique, louvered roof systems turned it into one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, landing it on the Inc. 5000 list for seven straight years. In 2022, it was acquired by Chicago-based AZEK Company Inc. Partnering with this leading provider of low-maintenance, environmentally sustainable outdoor living products gave it new opportunities to push the limits of bioclimatic pergola technology.


  • The Luxury Pergola Kit – Luxury Pergola boasts substantial savings through DIY installation, leaving it up to the homeowner to obtain HOA approval and necessary permitting and to have the tools, skills, and manpower to accomplish the job. Their site says with three people able to lift 50-70lbs and an existing concrete floor, installation takes about a day. However, DIY pergola installation is not for everyone, and homeowners should be sure of their capability before tackling this project.
  • StruXure – StruXure Denver, Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer, has installed hundreds of motorized louvered pergolas in Denver over the last decade. We have the professional experience to obtain necessary permitting, work with your HOA, and manage any installation issues that may arise, ensuring a fast, smooth installation process. You go on with your day while we put in the hard work of bringing your outdoor living dream to reality – no sweat or post-installation pain relieving cream required.

Design & accessory options

  • The Luxury Pergola Kit – The Luxury Pergola offers only freestanding pergolas in standard sizes, including 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, and 12×16 configurations. It also offers ‘extended sizing’ (not custom sizing), including 8, 10, and 12 ft widths with sizes up to 20 feet in length by the foot. You can also ‘create a super pergola’ by combining multiple modules. Standard colors include your choice of black, white, or bronze frame and black, white, bronze, or stone louvers. Accessories include optional traditional or contemporary crown molding for looks or retractable sun and bug screens for comfort. An optional center beam is also available if you want to have an electrician add lights or a fan to your home pergola.
  • StruXure – The StruXure Pivot 6 is available in custom sizing to your exact footprint with no maximum, including freestanding or attached designs. Standard powder coating options include beige, bronze, adobe, white, black, grey, and faux wood. Customization options, including custom-cut ends, cornice facades, cap and base trim, and architectural columns, allow you to achieve any look, from modern to traditional. Integrated accessories, including built-in lighting, ceiling fans, speakers and TV mounts, infrared patio heaters, and motorized curtains, allow you to ensure year-round comfort and use.


  • The Luxury Pergola Kit – The Luxury Pergola Kit requires a standard 3-prong outlet to power its motorized roof. Pergola louvers offer up to 130 degrees of adjustment by remote control.
  • StruXure – StruXure pergolas offer up to 170 degrees of louver rotation, giving you more control of your outdoor environment. Choose from manual, solar, or electric operation via remote control, the Somfy MyLink smartphone app, and voice command through your home automation system. Add weather sensors for on-demand response to rain, wind, snow, and ice, keeping your furnishings dry and safeguarding your pergola against weather-related damage.


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  • The Luxury Pergola Kit – Standard warranty includes:
    • 10-year frame warranty against manufacturing defects
  • StruXure – StruXure offers an industry-leading warranty, including:
    • Transferable lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
    • 15-year warranty on structural components (posts, gutters, louvers, beams)
    • 10-year warranty on manually operated
    • 5-year warranty on power components

Which is Better – The Luxury Home Pergola Kit or StruXure Custom Louvered Pergolas?

Though The Luxury Pergola Kit promises the same or better performance than other commercial-grade pergolas for a lower price and outperforms competing DIY pergola kits, it doesn’t offer the same bells and whistles as a professionally designed and installed StruXure luxury home pergola. StruXure pergolas give you more, including nearly limitless customization potential and integrated accessories for comfortable, year-round enjoyment. Not to mention high-tech smartphones, home automation, and sensor-driven operation for care-free day-to-day use and a longer, fully transferable warranty, ensuring lasting value. Best of all, you don’t have to talk your friends, neighbors, or relatives into hard labor to help you install it.

Add Year-Round Usable Square Footage with a Home Pergola That Has it All

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