Does inclement weather prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space? A pergola is an excellent way to add curb appeal and turn unused green space into comfortable, usable square footage – but only if it can endure its environment. Take control, ensuring comfort and meeting the challenges of sun, rain, hail, snow, and wind with the best patio covers for any type of weather.

Don’t Fear the Sun

Has Denver’s brutal mountain sun left you feeling hot around the collar a time too many? StruXure patio roof systems deliver precise sunlight and shade control. Adjust to the ideal angle and amount of sun at the touch of a button, knowing your aluminum pergola can take the heat. Unlike paint, StruXure pergolas feature a premium AkzoNobel AAMA 2604 powder-coated finish that withstands intense UV light without cracking, blistering, or fading, remaining beautiful with minimal maintenance. Need added protection as the sun’s angle changes throughout the day? Incorporate motorized solar screens to reduce glare, closing louvers and screens to block UV penetration and heat buildup in your outdoor space and attached structures.

Prevent Precipitation Problems

Tired of worrying about waterfalls? Stay comfortable and dry beneath your StruXure pergola despite the rain. Unlike other patio shelter solutions, our pergola roof features an integrated 360-degree gutter system. Louvers interlock when closed, preventing water from cascading off pergola edges. Gutters channel rainwater away via hidden downspouts. Optional integrated rain sensors adjust louvers on demand, keeping you and your patio furnishings dry. Built-in motorized screens enhance rain protection, breaking rain into smaller droplets to reduce moisture infiltration.


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Handle Heavy Snow Loads with Ease

Are winter snows weighing heavy on your mind? Denver gets about 56 inches of snow annually, which can cause significant problems when it piles up on substandard patio shelter designs. Fortunately, StruXure aluminum pergolas are up to the task. We build our American-made louvered roof systems for reliable year-round use. The fully extruded aluminum frame and stainless-steel fasteners withstand heavy snow loads, and channels snow melt away when louvers are closed. CE and UL-certified motors operate flawlessly in frigid temperatures. Optional temperature-sensitive snow and freeze sensors prevent louvers from sticking together, protecting your pergola from damage. When you incorporate motorized screens, infrared heaters, or your favorite fire feature, our motorized pergolas offer the ideal settings to sit back and watch the snowfall.

Avoid the Hazards of Hail Damage

Do you hunker down when hail is on the horizon? The Colorado Front Range suffers more hailstorms – and hail damage claims – than anywhere in North America. Fortunately, cratered and pockmarked furnishings and pavement are not unavoidable. Impact-resistant StruXure pergolas can withstand the region’s frequent hailstorms, offering protection for you, your furnishings, and nearby windows and doors when severe storms come your way. Our aluminum pergolas feature a durable design that won’t dent due to hail collisions, helping you reduce insurance claims and premiums while improving your patio or deck design.


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Stop Worrying About High Winds

Are you constantly putting up and taking down your patio shade? With our sturdy louvered pergolas, you’ll never have to worry about last-minute deconstruction during strong winds or damage due to dreaded derecho blasts. StruXure Denver has the expertise to safeguard your pergola investment, installing concrete footings or attaching your pergola to your home or business for added security so you can rest assured of safe, lasting use. StruXure luxury pergolas are the most durable, wind-resistant pergola system on the market, meeting Florida’s stringent hurricane codes. Open louvers as needed or integrate optional wind sensing technology for automatic adjustment to the ideal setting, allowing sustained winds up to 100mph to blow right through.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space with The Best Patio Covers

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