Are you considering StruXure’s innovative adjustable pergola roof? Our cutting-edge pergolas offer features not found in competing products. What sets StruXure louvered roof systems apart?

State of the Art Pergola Technology

In partnership with Somfy, a global leader in automation technology, StruXure smart patio covers give you more control over your outdoor living environment than ever before. Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) uses omnidirectional radio waves capable of traveling through walls, allowing you to control your pergola from anywhere with your choice of operating system:

    • StruXure Outdoor app
      Adjust your pergola from your phone or mobile device, rotating louvers up to 170 degrees. Pre-program your favorite louver angles, adjust by time of day or on the fly, enjoying more control of your outdoor space.
    • Voice command
      Adjust louvers or accessories on your smart pergola using popular voice-operated AI technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


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  • Home automation integration
    Control louvers, motorized screens, fans, heaters, lights, and more with popular home automation systems, including Brilliant Tech, Creston, Control 4, Elan, Savant, RTI, and URC.
  • Remote control
    Our damp-rated remotes offer up to 16 programming channels. Set your favorites for quick and easy adjustment, controlling multiple applications independently or as a group.
  • Sensors
    Integrating sensors into a modern pergola with a roof makes operation a breeze, ensuring on demand response to changing weather:
    • Wind sensors open louvers at wind speeds over 60mph to reduce uplift and prevent damage
    • Rain sensors automatically close louvers when rain is detected
    • Snow and freeze sensors prevent louvers from sticking together in icy conditions that could damage your pergola system

Strong, Watertight Precipitation Protection

StruXure louvered roof systems’ patented design ensures drip-free rain protection, even in the heaviest Denver thunderstorms. When fully closed, interlocking louvers create rain channels that funnel water into an invisible integrated gutter system. Large gutters hidden inside pergola beams and columns transport rainwater away from your patio via hidden downspouts.

When it snows, StruXure pergolas keep your patio dry and comfortable. Designed with Denver’s snowfall accumulations in mind, they provide unmatched performance in snowy climates. Each is engineered to support heavy snow loads with the louvers closed, channeling snow melt away via gutters.


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Lasting Pergola Construction

StruXure pergolas feature a fully extruded aircraft-grade aluminum design that provides superior wind resistance. Our pergolas stand up to hurricane-force winds up to 145 mph – open louvers and winds blow right through, reducing uplift and preventing pergola damage. Premium powder coating enhances durability and reduces maintenance, reflecting heat and standing up to salt, chlorine, heavy rain, and hail. They’re designed and warranted to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Add Year-Round Functional Space with the Latest Pergola Technology

Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 and learn more about our innovative adjustable pergola roof. Take advantage of our available 3-D rendering services and see how they can improve the looks and function of your outdoor living space today.


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