Is a louvered roof pergola really worth a more substantial investment? There are a lot of options out there for outdoor shelter, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. However, functional, attractive louvered pergolas are rapidly gaining in popularity. This innovative patio cover solution can be opened or closed based on the weather and your needs. Though adjustable pergolas aren’t for everyone, they offer function and versatility that’s just not seen with solid roof pergolas and awnings. Why should you pay more for a louvered roof home pergola design?

Multifunctional Use – Sun, Shade, and Shelter

A patio with a pergola for shade is a beautiful thing. But the most striking thing about the design of our residential pergolas is they’re not stuck that way. StruXure louvered roof pergolas allow you to dial in your ideal setting. Relax with a book, make dinner outdoors, or enjoy cocktails and conversation with friends. Scorching summer days and frequent spring showers will no longer keep you inside.

Open up to enjoy the sun’s warmth or adjust to the perfect amount of shade. Afternoon shower? Close to seal out rain, taking advantage of the protection of the leak-free gutter system and downspouts that prevent rain from cascading from the top of your pergola and flooding your patio. Breezy day? Deflect or take advantage of the wind, angling louvers away from the wind to reduce airflow or with the direction of the wind to improve airflow and cooling. Multifunctional StruXure home pergolas allow you to maximize the use of your outdoor living investment. 

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Improved Temperature Control

Controlling shade or sunlight over your porch or patio ensures optimal comfort indoors and out. Different louver angles allow you to control solar heat gain beneath your pergola and into your home. Adjusting the angle of louvers based on the time of day and season (closed in the summer, open in the winter) is especially important for decks or patios that remain in full sunlight throughout the day and on homes with south or west-facing patios. With mindful residential pergola placement and use, your home pergola can help you improve comfort and control heating and cooling costs, offering a great return on investment.

Year-Round Use

With a louvered pergola system, you can use your backyard any time of the day, in any weather, all year long. Get more use out of your outdoor living area, enjoying your deck or patio for more hours each day, and extending the outdoor living season throughout the year.

Environmental Protection

Protect your skin against UV rays, adjusting louvers to the perfect amount of shade to prevent sun damage. When you’re not outdoors, close louvers to protect your patio, furnishings, and appliances against damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and weather, extending the lifespan of your outdoor living investment.

Pergola Accessories Improve Versatility

Outfit your custom pergola design with built-in lights, ceiling fans and patio heaters, motorized screens for enhanced weather control, or curtains for privacy, further improving comfort and functionality. Choose from a manual, wall switch, remote control, or smart operating system, programming your smart pergola to adjust to your favorite saved settings based on the time of the day. Incorporate optional sensors for on-demand response to rain, wind, and freezing temperatures, eliminating weather worries. Our custom pergolas are designed for your unique needs so you can make the most of your time outdoors. 

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Enhanced Privacy

A motorized louvered pergola is a perfect choice for patios on a lower deck near multi-story dwellings or busy streets, providing privacy. Close the roof, blocking nosy neighbors and reducing noise transmission. Roll motorized screens and curtains into place for further protection and to block the glare from the late afternoon sun. StruXure home pergolas are an excellent investment in comfort and peace of mind.

Visual Appeal

Louvered roof pergolas offer more customization options than standard outdoor shelters. Whether you are building your dream home or sprucing up your existing outdoor space, an aluminum pergola is the perfect addition to your home. Its clean, sleek lines work well with many home designs, from traditional to modern. Choose from standard white, beige, bronze, adobe, black and gray, selecting the shade that best compliments your home, opt for a faux wood wrap for a more natural appearance, or create your own custom tone.

The sleek design of StruXure home pergolas will turn your outdoor space into an attractive backyard centerpiece. Accessorize with decorative columns and custom trim, such as corbel ends, creating a dramatic look. A newcomer to the patio shelter market, a motorized pergola will turn your home into the talk of the neighborhood.

Reduced Maintenance

Unlike traditional wood designs, aluminum pergolas require minimal maintenance. Clean with your garden hose and wash occasionally with soap and water – no semi-annual painting or staining required. Lightweight yet tough, the fully extruded aluminum design of StruXure pergolas resists denting from hail and withstands hurricane-force winds. Simply put, it’s built to last a lifetime.

Is a louvered roof pergola worth the investment? Our customers couldn’t be more satisfied with their home pergola investment. Learn why homeowners nationwide are turning to StruXure residential pergolas for their outdoor shelter needs. Improve the looks and functionality of your yard and reduce backyard maintenance. Contact Denver Pergola Systems at 303-505-6669 for a quote or to schedule a home pergola design consultation today.

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