For too long, outdoor structures offered rudimentary functions. The choice was tough: A pretty but open traditional wooden pergola that provided little weather protection – or a solid roof design that kept the sun and rain out but offered little else in beautifying the backyard. StruXure residential pergolas brought an end to these limits, creating a versatile outdoor shelter solution that delivers weather protection in an attractive, functional package. 

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StruXure Adjustable Pergolas Provide Versatile Shelter

StruXure louvered roof pergolas feature 170 degrees of rotational flexibility, allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of sun or shade throughout the day. Our motorized pergolas are designed to deliver leak-free shelter from the rain, featuring an interlocking louver design and built-in gutter system that shuttles rainwater away from your outdoor living area. Best of all, our home pergolas never block sky views. Open them up when the storm passes, staying connected to the outdoors.

Built-In Functionality

Customize your design with built-in pergola accessories like LED lighting, ceiling fans, infrared patio heater, motorized pergola screens, and more, creating an outdoor retreat with all the comforts of the indoors. 

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Unique Beauty

Design your custom home pergola to reflect your modern or traditional home. Choose from our sleek, standard design and colors, or accessorize your custom pergola with unique trim like corbel ends, decorative columns, and facades like a faux-wood wrap.

The Convenience of Cutting-Edge, Smart Pergola Design

Adjust your pergola easily via remote control or MyLink mobile app, enjoying a dynamic connection to your outdoor space. Pre-set a schedule or louver positioning that works for you. Somfy technology integrates with most home automation systems and virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice-operable control. Integrate rain sensors, wind sensors, snow and freeze sensors, and more, enjoying on-demand response and total control of your outdoor living environment.

A Lasting, Low Maintenance Design

StruXure aluminum pergolas are fully extruded and covered in premium Akzo Nobel powder coating. They are built to withstand the elements, lasting a lifetime with little to no maintenance. No painting or staining is required. Just the occasional hose rinse or sponge easily removes stubborn dirt. Available in a variety of color combinations, including white, bronze, tan, adobe, gray, and custom colors to accent your home, StruXure adjustable pergolas are the perfect solution to outdoor living.

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