Warmer weather is on its way. Is your outdoor living space fair weather ready? A bit of elbow grease can give your space a sparkle to match the upcoming sunshiny season.

10 Patio Cleaning Tips to Tidy Up Your Outdoor Living Space

  1. De-Grime Now… Delight Later
    Cleaning at the start of the season is key to a carefree outdoor living season. Move furnishings out of the way, starting with a sweep from top (cobwebs) to bottom (leaves and debris). Afterward, tackle stubborn grime with a solution of 10:1 warm water and an environmentally safe cleaner, like Simple Green or Biokleen. Spray the mixture on, scrub with a brush or broom, and rinse thoroughly.

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  3. Kill Concrete Stains
    Nix stains, mold, and mildew on concrete without scrubbing with the addition of a simple cup of household bleach to your cleaning solution, being careful to avoid colorfast surfaces.
  4. Shower Off the Sludge
    Spray down steps and siding with the help of a pressure washer, or if outdoor surfaces are tiled, a hose.
  5. Brush Dirt Out of Wicker & Rattan Crannies
    Start with a soft brush or broom, looking to an old toothbrush to clear tiny crevices. Use a bit of mild soap and water for soiled surfaces, rinsing and drying wicker and rattan furniture in the sun. Top with a layer of lacquer for added weather protection.
  6. Wash & Seal Wood Furniture
    Wood furnishings must be sealed regularly to keep it looking its best. A mild soap and water solution and soft brush should do the trick, followed by a species-compatible wood sealer.
  7. Eliminate Algae (& Rust) from Wrought Iron
    Prevent rust in wrought iron furniture with a stiff bristled cleaning brush and strong disinfectant like OdoBan or other solution that is safe for plants, pets, and children, to kill and curtail algae growth.
  8. Care for Cushions
    Give outdoor pillows and cushions a good scrubbing with a mixture of a quart of warm water, a teaspoon of dish detergent, and tablespoon of borax mixed in a large bucket. Dip a sturdy sponge in the solution, carefully cleaning all sides of cushions. Let the solution soak for 15-minutes, then rinse with a hose, standing cushions upright to dry in the sun.
  9. Show Light Fixtures Some Love
    Clear bugs and debris, carefully wiping down both sides of the glass on light fixtures. Fixtures fading? Remove and disassemble them for a quick refresh with spray paint.

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  11. Perfect Your Pergola
    The powder-coated aluminum surfaces of your Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola are easily cleaned with a gentle rinse or vinegar and water. Avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbing sponges, which can breakdown the protective rust and mold resistant coating on your pergola. For greasy surfaces, such as grill-side, mild degreasing dish soap like Dawn should do the trick. Rinse with a hose, then wipe with a soft rag. Hard to reach spots? A floor mop with a long nap makes for a helpful cleaning companion.
  12. Clear Leaves
    Trim back branches from your pergola canopy to avoid leaf accumulation in gutters and scratching in high winds. A few scratches from last year? Buff out with a quality car polish, having deeper scratches touched-up by a Denver Pergolas professional to prevent corrosion. Clear pergola and home gutter systems of leaves to prevent debris accumulation that can lead to mold, pests, and gutter overflow.

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