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Spring Cleaning The Yard Tips



This article was published on 5-2-2018    and updated on  3-15-2022 

Warmer weather is right around the corner – is your yard ready to host outdoor activities? Now is the time to prep your outdoor living space for fair weather. Get cleaning and setup out of the way so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the upcoming sunshiny season with these tips for spring cleaning the yard.

De-Grime Furnishings 

Start with a top-to-bottom sweep, removing cobwebs, leaves, and debris from all porch and patio surfaces. Then clean patio furniture based on construction:


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  • Wicker & rattan outdoor furniture

Remove dirt from the nooks and crannies in wicker and rattan with a soft brush or broom. For tiny crevices, a toothbrush works great. If wicker or rattan is soiled, clean with a mild soap and water solution, rinse, and let dry in the sun, adding a coat of lacquer for improved weather resistance.

  • Wrought iron outdoor furniture

Eliminate algae and prevent rust on wrought iron furnishings, cleaning with a stiff-bristled brush and disinfectant, such as OdoBan, that is child, pet, and plant-safe.

  • Wood outdoor furniture

Clean wood furniture with a mild soap and water solution and a soft brush, rinse, and air dry thoroughly. Seal regularly with species-compatible wood oil, wax, shellac, lacquer, polyurethane, or varnish to increase the lifespan of furnishings and keep them looking their best.

  • Other surfaces

Tackle stubborn mildew and grime with a 10:1 solution of warm water and your favorite environmentally-friendly outdoor cleaner, such as Simple Green or Biokleen. Scrub the mixture in with a brush or broom, then rinse thoroughly.

Care for Cushions 

Remove dirt and mildew from cushions, giving them a good scrubbing. A mixture of a quart of warm water, a tablespoon of borax, and a teaspoon of dish detergent in a large bucket should do the trick. Work in using a sponge, taking care to wash all sides. Let soak for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then stand cushions upright in the sunlight to dry.

Clear Concrete Stains 

Adding a cup of plain household bleach to a bucket of soapy water is an easy way to eliminate mold, mildew, and stains on concrete without scrubbing or pressure washing. Apply with a scrubber, broom, or spray bottle, taking care to avoid nearby colorfast surfaces (and your shoes). Let the solution sit for an hour, then rinse thoroughly with a hose. Be sure to protect nearby plants and grass from bleach, keeping the solution mild and rinsing thoroughly to guard against dieback.

Hose Off Siding and Stair Sludge 

Clean buildup from your home’s siding and stairs using a pressure washer or a hose for more fragile tiled surfaces.


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Refresh Lighting

Remove bugs and dirt from light fixtures, wipe down the glass on both sides, and disassemble if necessary. Light fixtures showing their age? A quick, inexpensive coat of spray paint is an easy way to restore old fixtures.

Clear Leaves

Trim back branches above your pergola canopy and outdoor living area to prevent leaf accumulation in gutters and on furnishings, which may cause scratches and damage in high winds. Clear leaves from home and pergola system gutters to prevent buildup that can lead to mold, pests, and overflowing. Remedy any scratches you find on your pergola with high-quality car polish. If scratches reach beyond the surface, contact a Denver Pergolas professional for touch-ups to ward off corrosion.  

Perfect Your Pergola

StruXure pergolas are virtually maintenance-free, featuring a tough, durable powder-coated aluminum finish that requires no painting or sealing. Only occasional rinsing with a solution of vinegar and water or spray-down with a hose is needed. After rinsing, wipe down with a soft rag (or clean floor mop with a long nap for hard-to-reach spots), and you’re done. Nearby grill left your pergola greasy? Gently cleaning with a degreasing dish soap like Dawn should do the trick.

Open up to new possibilities beneath the comfort of a motorized pergola. Spruce things up this spring and enjoy a carefree outdoor living season. Contact StruXure of Denver at 303-505-6669 to learn more today.

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