What smart technology exists for my outdoor space? Smart technology is taking over every room in the home, from smart refrigerators in the kitchen to smart mirrors in the bath. Though quite a bit of this technology exists for indoor use, there is also a diverse range of gadgets designed for use outdoors, like a smart pergolas. What smart features are homeowners incorporating into their outdoor spaces as we head into 2020?

Smart Pergolas

StruXure louvered roof systems feature app-driven iLouver operation, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort year-round, in any weather. 

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  • Open or close the louvers on your residential pergola on schedule or on-demand, choosing between 4 pre-set positions.
  • Adjust settings to let the sunshine inside in the winter, or deflect the sun’s rays in the summer, reducing air conditioning costs in your home.
  • Ensure comfortable, dry furnishings every day with rain sensing technology, programming your pergola to adjust to changing weather conditions.
  • Rest assured with “hurricane mode,” which overrides all functions to allow for the free flow of air through louvers in extremely windy, hurricane-like conditions.

Smart Grill & Gadgets

Cook in comfort beneath your pergola on a smart grill, enjoying your favorite beverage while waiting for your grill to inform you when your favorite foods need attention. Smart grills from top brands such as Weber and Napoleon alert you when it’s time for flipping and when food has reached its desired temperature, allowing you to spend more time relaxing and less time prodding barbecue.

Smart Fire Pit

Including a fire pit as part of the pergola design is one of our most frequent outdoor living requests. Smart, mobile device operable fire features such as the BioLite wood and coal-burning pit provides cozy warmth, igniting in less than 30-seconds. Many are multifunctional, providing the ambiance of fire alongside cooking capabilities. 

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Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Control your backyard water use with a smart sprinkler controller addition. Products such as the Rachio 3 and Elgato Eve Aqua help homeowners reduce water use, providing irrigation based on weather or app-controlled watering schedule.

Smart Lawn Mowers

If you dread lawn maintenance or have better things to do than push around a gas-powered mower after-hours, a smart mower such as the Husqvarna Automower or Worx Landroid may be for you. These battery-powered, GPS and Wi-Fi-enabled devices are easily operated via your smartphone and work similarly to robotic vacuums, allowing you to conveniently schedule maintenance duties and cross lawn care off your “honey-do” list.

Smart Spotlight & Security Cam

Keep your backyard secure with a smart spotlight and security camera combination, such as the battery-powered Ring spotlight with built-in camera and siren.

Smart Padlock

Gate, shed, or storage access issues? Bluetooth padlocks such as the Master Lock 4401DLH allow for remote operation, granting access to welcome guests on-demand.

Smarten up your outdoor living space. Learn how to take advantage of the latest technology with these and other winning patio ideas from Denver Pergola Systems today.

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