Are you considering building a roof over your hot tub? A pergola offers an excellent way to turn your jacuzzi into an all-weather, four-seasons friendly retreat. However, the right pergola design and expert installation are critical to an enjoyable, lasting investment. Our outdoor living design experts offer these tips to avoid potential project pitfalls and ensure maximum use of your pergola-covered hot tub.


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Enhance Hot Tub Comfort with an Adjustable Pergola

Unlike a static roof, installing a louvered pergola allows you to use your hot tub in nearly any weather. Adjust to manage sunlight throughout the day and from season to season. Close louvers during the summer heat or open them to take advantage of the sun’s warmth on cool days, dialing in the perfect sun/shade balance to prolong your soak.

Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Relaxation

Close pergola louvers tightly to block out rain or open them to promote circulation, adapting to the changing climate with the touch of a remote-control button – or avoid interruptions altogether. Upgrade your pergola with the latest technology, like built-in rain sensors, enjoying on-demand protection at the first hint of precipitation. Integrated gutter systems stop annoying water drips, prevent pooling around your hot tub base, and channel rainwater away.

Ensure a Private Hot Tub Experience

A motorized pergola is ideal for enhancing privacy if you live in a tight-knit area or have nosy neighbors. Placing a 10×10 pergola over your jacuzzi equipped with the right accessories can shield you from prying eyes. Close louvers, sealing yourself from the view of second-story or high-rise occupants, or integrate motorized outdoor privacy screens and curtains, rolling them into place for complete concealment at the push of a button.

Safeguard Your Hot Tub & Reduce Maintenance with Pergola Protection

Your spa’s cover protects it from accumulating debris when it’s not in use – but a pergola offers protection while you’re soaking. A simple small pergola also shields it against damaging UV rays, sleet, and snow, keeping your hot tub and the chemically balanced water within protected, reducing maintenance needs.


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The Right Home Pergola Design Makes All the Difference

Building a pergola-covered hot tub requires design and installation experience to ensure lasting enjoyment. StruXure Denver has the know-how to complete projects of all shapes and sizes, from large, multi-zoned, permitted pergolas to small, movable 10×10 cabanas that install quickly – no permit required. Our expertise in building pergolas for jacuzzis ensures the ideal shelter design for your space.

Creating a Hot Tub Shelter That’s Truly All-Weather Friendly

Unlike wood structures, which deteriorate with repeated exposure to chemically treated water, our powder-coated, fully extruded aluminum pergolas resist corrosion from spa chemicals, ensuring a lifetime of use. Lightweight yet durable, they work well on patios, decks, and green spaces. StruXure pergolas come in a variety of color and style options to enhance your architecture. Beautiful and functional, they stand up to hail, snow, and hurricane-force winds, providing true all-weather protection that adds functionality and value to your home.

Relax in Comfort with a Louvered Patio Roof Over Your Hot Tub

Enhance your hot tubbing experience and protect your investment with a pergola. Enjoy your hot tub year-round in any weather. Build a roof over your hot tub with a customizable aluminum pergola from StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to learn more or to get a quote today.

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