In our first installment, we discussed how to plan your outdoor living area to ensure you select the best pergola for your needs. In this one, we’ll help you narrow down the ideal patio shelter solution and customize it to complement your space and provide lasting comfort and enjoyment.

Consider Pergola Construction Options

Pergola materials impact cost, maintenance, and longevity. Each has unique benefits and drawbacks.

Canvas or cloth pergolas

Canvas structures offer inexpensive sun protection, but their flimsy construction requires frequent removal in high winds, heavy rain, and snow. Canvas also requires routine cleaning and replacement to keep your patio or deck from looking drab.

Wood pergolas

Wood pergolas are a classic choice, offering a traditional open or closed roof design, depending on construction. Annual staining/sealing is essential to protect them against pest infestation, mildew, and rot.

Aluminum pergolas

StruXure’s beautiful, durable aluminum pergolas are built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Unlike fixed-roof designs, a pergola with adjustable louvers adapts to changing weather on demand. Rotate slats up to 170 degrees with the click of a button to let in the ideal amount of sunlight or ventilation – or close for protection from rain and snow.


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Tips for Choosing Between Aluminum Pergola Brands

Even among aluminum pergolas, you’ll find many options, from DIY kits to custom outdoor patio structures. Don’t fall for imitators – watch for pergola warranty, which indicates a superior product that won’t require deconstruction to survive extreme weather. StruXure pergolas stand out from the competition, offering a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. They withstand harsh seaside environments, intense sunlight, heavy rain, hail, hurricane-force winds, and heavy snow loads without rusting, warping, or rotting – just hose or wipe down occasionally. Each is custom-made in the USA, featuring a fully extruded powder-coated aluminum frame with stainless steel fasteners. They’re an environmentally responsible choice that helps reduce landfill waste, made of 50% recycled aluminum, which can be recycled repeatedly with no loss in performance.

DIY Pergola Kits Vs. Professionally Installed Patio Shelter

DIY pergola kits can be extremely tempting. Remember the old saying, ‘Buy cheap, buy twice.’ StruXure Denver has replaced many kits over the years due to poor fit, inferior design, flimsy materials, and operational issues. Also, DIY installation is not for everyone. If you must do it yourself, make sure you have the proper permits, good tools, and enough able-bodied help to complete assembly. Read safety guidelines and instructions carefully, ensuring tight, secure construction and proper mounting – or all your hard work may be gone in a gust. Better yet, leave the legalese and hard labor to us while you shop for furnishings, dreaming of your first pergola party.

Outfit Your Pergola with the Perfect Design Accents

The ideal pergola design will perfectly accent your architecture or theme. Unlike cookie-cutter kits, which offer minimal personalization, StruXure pergolas provide many design options, from traditional to modern, to complement your aesthetic and boost curb appeal and value. Choose from 6 standard colors for the Pivot 6 and Pivot 6 XL, including white, black, beige, bronze, adobe, and gray, as well as faux wood grain. Accent your design with corbel ends, creating a traditional look, or add visual interest with custom columns, a cornice façade, or a cap and base trim package. For the Cabana X, accent your pergola design with solid, slat, or decorative side panels in full textured white or full textured black powder coating, pair a white frame with black louvers or vice-versa, or clad your pergola in premium woodgrain finish.

Incorporate Pergola Accessories for Comfort

The right pergola accessories make all the difference in creating all-weather, year-round usable square footage.

Pivot 6 and Pivot 6 XL

  • Recessed lighting for day and night use
  • Color-changing strip lights for ambiance
  • Ceiling fans for summer comfort
  • Infrared patio heaters for winter warmth
  • Motorized screens and curtains for enhanced weather protection
  • Built-in speakers and TV mount for endless entertainment
  • Integrated power outlets for all your electronics needs

Cabana X

  • Curtain rods and curtains for privacy and weather protection
  • Built-in foldaway couch for comfort and convenience
  • Integrated power panels for outdoor TVs and other electronics


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Don’t Overlook the Importance of Pergola Operation

Unlike fixed roof designs or hand crank awnings, our smart pergolas make adapting to changing weather easy. They’re easy to operate with your choice of wall-mount switch, remote control, or smartphone, using Somfy RTS technology. They’re also compatible with popular home automation systems, allowing for voice-operable commands. Do you prefer a hands-off approach? Integrate optional rain, wind, and freeze sensors for on-demand response and avoid wet furniture woes. UL and CE-certified motors require no maintenance and perform reliably in fickle Denver weather.

Transform Your Backyard with the Ultimate in Stylish, Functional Patio Shelter

Select the best patio shelter to meet your needs and create memories year-round. Bring your dream outdoor living space to life with help from StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to schedule a complimentary design consultation today.


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